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FAQs on Orlin & Cohen's partnership with Northwell Health

Orlin & Cohen is partnering with Northwell Health to form a new entity called Orlin & Cohen Medical Specialists Group, which will be an independent member of the Northwell family.

We're evolving into Orlin & Cohen 2.0 by maintaining a private practice setting and environment, but with added access to the Northwell healthcare system.

Here's more on what that means to you.

What will be changing?
In terms of the patient's experience, absolutely nothing other than you'll have a broader choice of medical specialists under the Orlin & Cohen roof and easier access to Northwell's resources when needed.

Will your name change?
Our name will be changing to Orlin & Cohen Medical Specialists Group reflecting our anticipated expansion into other related specialties.

Will I still see my same orthopedic and/or pain management specialist?
Yes, your doctor is remaining with us and will continue to be available to provide you with dedicated and committed care.

Will I still go to the same office?
Yes, we will be maintaining all of our current office locations.

Will you accept the same insurance?
Yes, we anticipate continuing to accept all of the insurance plans on our current roster (and, in fact, will be adding a few others).

What hospitals will your doctors be using?
Our doctors will continue to practice out of South Nassau Communities Hospital as well as the South Shore Ambulatory Surgery Center. They will also continue to provide services at select Northwell surgical facilities.

Will I be dealing with the same staff/managers?
Yes, we plan no changes amongst our staff and all the familiar faces will continue to be here for you.

Will your phone numbers/contact numbers stay the same?
Yes, all phone numbers and contact numbers will remain the same.

Do I need to do anything to make sure my care stays the same?
No, you needn't do anything. The transition should be seamless and invisible to you.

Where do I call to make an appointment?
You may continue to call our main number (516-536-2800) or visit our patient portal to request an appointment.

Will you still have the same patient portal?
Yes, we will and we look forward to further expanding our portal's patient options and ease of use.

Will you have the same website?
Yes, our website will remain fully in place and we look forward to increasing its features over time.

Who do I call if I have a question regarding a bill?
You would continue to phone our billing and collections department at 516-302-8180.

Will you be adding new services, offices, physicians?
We look forward to continuing to expand our orthopedic and musculoskeletal service availability throughout much of Long Island. We will also be incorporating other key specialists in related areas of medicine. By incorporating other highly trained specialists, our goal is to provide a broader continuum of patient-centric care under one roof.

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