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Anita Pomponio


Neck Therapy

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Richard Viskewich, PTA

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I went for physical therapy for my neck prescribed by Dr. Morelli, I couldn't turn my head without pain. Driving was becoming a problem, whenever I had to look to my left or right, I had much pain. But, when I started my PT, I was assigned Richard Viskewich PTA to work with me. Well, I have to say, the first time he massaged my neck, I could feel a bit of difference. Working with moving my neck from side to side, and the massaging of my neck especially where it hurt the most, started to feel so much better. Plus doing my exercises, my neck started to feel a whole lot better. I went for 8 weeks twice a week, and at the end of the 8th week, I had no pain in my neck area, and was able to turn my head from side to side, without any difficulty. I was released on the 8th week, but, I honestly have to say, I will miss those great massages that he did on my neck, he helped loosen all the tightness I had on my neck. Thank you Richard Viskewich for making me feel normal again!!!!! Anita