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Brett Williamson


ACL Surgery

Performed By

Ryan Krochak, M.D.

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When my son Brett tore his ACL and a double tear of the menicus, I felt that it hit me worse than it hit him. As a parent, you want your child to have the best surgeon out there. We found that in Dr. Ryan Krochak. From the first time we met him, we both felt at ease. He was so patient and answered each and every one of my questions, no matter how many and how stupid they may have been. Dr. Krochak also provided me with his email address, which I used quite often - before and after Brett's surgery. He always got back to me sooner than I would expect for a busy doctor. My son's surgery was just as I expected from such a wonderful surgeon. Even after my son was cleared and did not need any more appointments, when I reached out to Dr. Krochak, he answered me right away and even saw Brett before his scheduled hours. I would highly recommend Dr. Krochak to anyone and everyone. He will always be my first choice, if we ever need an orthopedic doctor again.

Marjorie Williamson