About a year ago I sustained a knee injury playing a game of football. I was in excruciating pain and after reaching out to an orthopedist I discovered that I had a completely torn ACL and meniscus. I didn't want to undergo surgical procedures just yet because of my career but I knew I wasn't the same and it bothered me. After some months I decided to undergo the surgery and reached out to Orlin & Cohen for help and they carried me through the entire process. Dr. Lieberman operated on my knee and did a wonderful job. After the pain subsided I felt there was more stability inside of my knee and the buckling feeling gradually went away. My favorite part of this entire process is the physical therapy sessions at Orlin and Cohen where I had the pleasure to work with Bobby and De'Zhane. I enjoyed Bobby's encouragement and his style of delivery during rehabilitation. He was extremely knowledgeable and had expectations that motivated me to show up and commit to therapy. He also would drop jewels of wisdom during sessions and I appreciated that. De'Zhane is awesome! She definitely helped me regain my mobility and flexibility. Her sessions and homework were fun, intense, and insightful as I've experienced growth on a weekly basis and looked forward to her sessions. I recommend Bobby and De'Zhane as they are not only committed to your recovery but they actually care about you which is uncommon. Overall, I'm glad that chose Orlin and Cohen to repair and rehabilitate my knee and I recommend them to anyone in need of their services.