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Catherine Liang PT, DPT

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When I first met Miss Catherine Liang, at the Northwell/ Mineola location, I felt that she meant every word that she was saying to me, I felt comfortable, optimistic and the assurance that she was going to help me to get better! She certainly did! Her professionalism, personality, dedication and her attention to detail is what every employer dreams of in an employee! She is a true asset to your company! She is certainly an exception to the rule! She always took the time to listen and to explain in detail anything I was unsure about regarding my physical treatment. During the earlier stages of my therapy sessions when I felt tired or a little pain, she would take the time to work with me and explain why we were doing the respective exercises. She is a great motivator, never rushing through a session, she always took the time to follow up on how I was feeling and she make the necessary adjustments. It is not very often you meet someone with such patience, dedication, attention to detail, professionalism, motivation, empathy and kindness! Miss Liang is everything I listed above and more! Miss Catherine Liang I wanted to take the time to say “Thank you, very much”!! I truly appreciate you! It was my honor to have met you! To me, you are the best physical therapist by far! Wishing you continued success in your life and your career ! Thanks to you, I am walking better without limping, I am taking better care of myself! I truly appreciate all your help! Sincerely, Christine A Kelly-Santini