For several years, I have been seeing Dr. Robert Lippe at the Orlin & Cohen office in Massapequa for minor fractures. When I developed severe lower back pain, he recommended that I see Dr. Joseph Cardinale at the Merrick office. He and his great team have enabled me to get my life back on track. From his physician assistant to all of the nurses and the anesthesiologist to the capable office staff who sort through all the paperwork, they are all friendly, professional and very helpful.

Dr. Cardinale is a great listener and seems to understand exactly what my problem is with my lower back, and how he thinks it should be dealt with. Since 2011, he has been responsible for getting me back on my feet pain free, so that my husband and I have been able to enjoy several active and lengthy journeys. Without his kind help, this would not have been possible.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Cardinale, and his very capable team at Orin & Cohen, to anyone who needs to improve their life through pain management.