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Deborah Hazan


Meniscus surgery

Performed By

Ryan Krochak, M.D.

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Dr. Krochak is an amazing doctor and surgeon. He takes the time to explain things to you and is very caring about his patients. When I explained about the issues I was having regarding the scheduling of my surgery, he immediately acted and spoke with his Office Manager. He was so on top of how I was feeling and took matters into his own hands. He is that dedicated to his patients. I recently had meniscus surgery and I cannot begin to tell you how easy my recovery was. I was back to my active life within a week; walking and climbing steps with little to no pain. He is a very skilled surgeon and has a very caring heart. He truly is one of the best knee surgeons I have experienced. I did have my other knee done by another doctor and there was no comparison that this time around was amazing!  I would highly recommend Dr. Krochak for anyone that needs surgery.  I know you would be in great hands with him!!