I had been working with pain in my left shoulder for almost two years because of worn cartilage. I tried several different types of treatment without success. I was referred to Dr. Schrank by my arthritis doctor. From the first time I met Dr. Schrank and his staff, I was impressed by how they made me feel comfortable by explaining every detail of the procedure from blood work to rehab. I was shown a diagram of how the shoulder would be replaced, the approximate time it would take, the steps leading up to the surgery, my limitations up to recovery, the rehab process, and the follow-up appointments I would have to check on my recovery. This was considered major surgery and I was concerned with how I would recover after the surgery and if I would get my full use of my arm. After my last check up at six months, Dr. Schrank said I was well on my way to complete recovery and with my rehab, I had a normal range of motion. I was extremely relieved to wake up pain free and have been since the replacement 14 months ago. Thank you, Dr. Schrank.