My first surgery performed by Dr. Rana was a Laminectomy and Fusion (of L-4 and L-5) which took place in June, 2020. He performed this surgery at Mather Hospital. After this surgery was performed, he was able to procure the last bed in the Step Down Unit, so that I could be monitored and get Physical Therapy at the hospital. The second surgery performed by Dr. Rana was a Rotator Cuff Surgery of the left shoulder. This procedure took place on September 28, 2022 at the Port Jefferson Surgery Center. I want to commend Dr. Rana and his staff (Christopher Sorce, Lauren Lonigro, and Tina Zollo) for their knowledge, skills, and excellent personal care. In addition I want to commend Marc Sheinblum and Katie (Physical Therapists) at the Orlin and Cohen Physical Therapy Unit in Port Jefferson. Their physical therapy skills and excellent personal care are top notch!! Thank you Orlin and Cohen!! Fran R. Fran Rothstein