I am pleased to express my gratitude to two excellent physicians who have treated me with compassion and professionalism throughout the time I was under their care.

Mitchell Goldstein has examined me for a variety of ailments and injuries over the last ten years. He has been unfailingly accurate in his diagnosis, willing to answer all of my questions fully and knowledgeably and is always brimming with enthusiasm and humor. In my most recent visit, he determined that I had suffered severe damage to my shoulder (torn rotator cuff, labrum and tendons) following a slip and fall and recommended that I be seen by Dr. Ticker. After examining me, Dr. Ticker confirmed the diagnosis, fully apprised me of my options and discussed the procedure he would follow if I selected surgery. During the course of the initial consult and a follow-up, I felt he got to know me as a person, which included understanding the importance to me of returning to work and engaging in physical activity as quickly as possible. When he answered my questions, I could tell that his answers took these priorities into account.

Dr. Ticker ensured that I was fully prepared on the day of the surgery and even took the trouble to let the person waiting for me know, on two separate occasions, how the procedure was going. In the visits I have had with him since, he has discussed at length the status on my shoulder and what my expectations should be regarding my recuperation in the short and long term. At all times, I felt I was being treated by a highly skilled professional who exuded warmth, humor and caring.

Five months after surgery, I have regained most of my range of motion and I am building my strength. I intend to be playing golf, softball and participating in most other sporting activities by next spring. If such is the case, it will be due, in substantial part, to the efforts of Dr. Ticker.