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Alfred F. Faust, M.D.

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I became a patient of Dr. Faust in 2006 when he was practicing in Princeton, NJ. I had been suffering from scoliosis since the age of 13 when I was put into the Milwaukee brace. By the time I reached my late 30s, my pain was constant and it was time to see an orthopedist again. My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Faust, who, in my first visit, gave me more information about my scoliosis than any other orthopedist before. My curve was problematic but not quite warranting invasive surgery. Five years later, I began to experience health problems that sent me to a cardiologist. Once again, my scoliosis reared its ugly head and I needed an orthopedic surgeon. Where was Dr. Faust? A Google search led me to Orlin and Cohen; Dr. Faust was now 44 miles from where I was living in North Jersey! One week later, I was seeing the great Dr. Faust again AND he remembered me! He not only confirmed that my health issues were directly linked to my scoliosis, but that the curve had changed significantly. Surgery was imminent. There was no one I trusted more with this huge surgery than Dr. Faust.

Dr. Faust performed one of the most complicated surgeries a person could go through. I had my entire thoracic spine fused with rods and pinnacle screws. The surgery was the week of Christmas and Dr. Faust stayed close to ensure that I was always receiving the proper treatment and care at the hospital.

My case has been a difficult and complex one and Dr. Faust has seen me through all of it – never showing frustration or irritation, only sincere concern. I am pain free and feeling better than I have since I was 13. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Faust for making me well again. I don't believe there is another orthopedic surgeon out there who is as kind, thoughtful, helpful as well as thorough as Dr. Faust.