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In December 2023 I got into my first ever major car accident, and I was driving alone. The entire front (including the inside dashboard) was smashed inwards and i was pinned into my car. The FD/PD had to cut me out of my brand new car, that I had just leased 3 weeks prior, with the jaws of life. Since i was stuck in the guard rail, they had to use a backboard and 7+ people to pull me out into the pouring rain and onto an ambulance to the trauma unit at NUMC. Thankfully, even though in a neck brace, I was okay all things considered. The whole left side of my body did have pretty bad soft tissue damage though and i was recommended PT. It took 5 months of daily exercises/stretching and multiple times a week going to see my favorite people Ross & Kim but I can now say I feel so much better! Not only did they teach me a bunch of great ways to strengthen my body after such a horrible accident, their care and support will forever mean the world to me and i will never forget them! Also shoutout to all of the amazing aids that helped me along this journey as well like Jay, John, Laura and everyone else! Thank you so much again, everyday is a little bit better than the one before!