I suffered a right shoulder injury in November of 2011. I met with Dr. Ticker in December 2011 and was diagnosed with three separate tears. A prescribed session(s) of physical therapy was completed and then a steroid injection. Neither worked. As a last resort, Dr. Ticker recommended surgery. I had the surgery on February 23, 2012. Dr. Ticker was able to perform the surgery through arthroscopic procedure. I began physical therapy in March of 2012 and was released from therapy and back to normal activities in October of 2012. As of writing this testimonial, I can say I am as close to 100% of my pre-injury abilities as is possible.

I believe this is due to the excellent diagnosis, surgery, and physical therapy protocol of Dr. Ticker. Dr. Ticker did not rush to surgery and I believe the pre-surgery therapy helped to strengthen my shoulder for the upcoming surgery and therapy to follow. I have the utmost confidence in giving this endorsement to Dr. Ticker should anyone need his services for shoulder surgery. He is an excellent surgeon and also has excellent doctor-patient relationship skills. While therapy is hard, and it should be, I owe everything to Dr. Ticker and his ability to repair my shoulder and have the proper physical therapy in place for my recovery.