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Joseph Beilouny


Wrist Surgery

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Walter Rho, M.D.

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Several years ago, along with a variety of scrapes and bruises, a motorcycle accident left me with two cracked ribs. As anyone who's suffered broken ribs can attest, it's quite a painful experience. A year after my ribs mended, I was still feeling some effects in other parts of my body, including my left wrist. I visited an orthopedist who informed me that I had done considerable damage to my wrist. My guess is that the pain from the rib injuries was such that any pain in my wrist seemed minimal. I was also informed that it had incorrectly healed itself and that the only way to alleviate the pain would be a total reconstruction of the wrist. I was also informed that it would be about two years of healing and therapy after the surgery for me to be close to normal again. Two other doctors confirmed the original diagnosis and prognosis. At 60 years old, two years of recovery seemed to be a long time at this stage of my life. It seemed as though I was destined to just live with the pain and limited strength and motion. A friend referred me to Dr. Rho.
With nothing to lose, I sought his opinion. I was elated to hear that he didn't believe total reconstruction was necessary and that he could perform a procedure that would alleviate my pain and restore my strength and flexibility within a few shorts months. Less than five months since my surgery, I am happy to say that I am almost 90%. I'm improving every day. Thank you, Dr. Rho. You've made me whole again.