On September 15, 2022, I took a very bad fall and fractured my left shoulder and arm, and at that time went to Walk-In at their Merrick Office and was told I had fractures in different areas. After having my arm x-rays and given a sling with instructions, and made an appointment with Dr. Moiz Manaqib, the Orthopedist on October 14. Dr. Manaqib, was thorough and explained what will transpire in weeks ahead and gave me a Script for Physical Therapy to strengthen my momentum through the weeks ahead. Today, December 23, 2022 he was very pleased with my progress and as a senior citizen continuing my exercise routines. It was a pleasure meeting his staff, as well who greeted me warmly. I recommend Dr. Manaqib and Orlin & Cohen for young and older people with whatever you need to fell better and continue your life. Happy Holidays and New Year. Sincerely, jy