I chose Orlin & Cohen for their extensive field in orthopedics and their participation in my healthcare coverage. After much research, it became evident that Dr. Eric Keefer was exactly who I was looking for. His focus on sports medicine, particularly of the elbow, caught my attention. I've had a chronically limited elbow for over 30 years due to breaking it and not having it set correctly. I lived with moderate discomfort my entire adult life.

During my consultation, he took the time to go over any concerns I had and really made this an easy decision. The surgery went very well. After six weeks of therapy, I was a new person. My day-to-day pain was no longer an issue. I have greatly improved my range of motion, which includes being able to touch my right shoulder with my right hand, something I was previously unable to do my entire adult life. It's one year later and I truly feel like I've been given a new arm. I could not have asked for more. Dr. Eric Keefer is HIGHLY recommended.