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ACL Surgery

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Eric Price, M.D.

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I was referred to Dr. Price in February of 2020 after an MRI revealed the dreaded full ACL tear that occurred during my Karate training. As an avid hiker, runner, martial artist, ice climber, mountain biker and obstacle racer, I was devastated by this injury and the idea of possibly not being able to fully enjoy these activities ever again. Before actually meeting with Dr. Price, I scoured the internet looking for any and all information regarding this injury and what it could mean for my future, with or without the surgery. While nothing I found put my mind at ease, Dr. Price did. He took the time to explain to me why, given my active lifestyle, it made sense to undergo the surgery to repair it, while also making sure I knew all of my options. After he patiently answered ALOT of questions, I decided to move forward. Because of COVID, I had to wait four months to have the surgery, during which time, Dr. Price stressed the importance of using this time to regain as much strength and mobility as I could, which would lead to a much stronger recovery. When the time finally came, I was full weight bearing the day after surgery, and was able to start cycling shortly after. After four months, I was back to running and hiking. I am now just over seven months post op, and have returned to every single one of my favorite activities and was even able to get in some ice climbing this season. As a recreational athlete himself, Dr. Price understands the importance of being able to return to activity and quality of life. The work was up to me, but the expertise and precision with which Dr. Price performed the surgery was essential to my success in returning to my Weekend Warrior status!