My daughter was referred to Dr. Zaret because of ankle pain related to a previous fracture. At our first appointment, Dr. Zaret suggested more physical therapy, a cortisone shot, and lastly ankle arthroscopy. At this point, I was very happy that Dr. Zaret gave my daughter options other than surgery. After extensive physical therapy and then the cortisone shot, my daughter did require the ankle surgery. He explained each step of the procedure and how she would feel afterwards. By this point, I was very confident with Dr. Zaret's knowledge of ligament and ankle injuries and how to best treat them.

Due to other medical conditions, my daughter sees a variety of other doctors that for whatever reason she does not care for, which makes getting to the appointments difficult. That said, she liked Dr. Zaret from the start. His sense of humor, willingness to take the time to answer all of our questions, and include her in the discussions of her treatment, made her feel comfortable. As a parent, I appreciated his patience and the kindness he showed towards my daughter. Her surgery went exactly as expected. Aside from his expertise in ankle problems, I was extremely impressed that on a few occasions when I called Dr. Zaret's office with a concern, he personally called me back! That is almost unheard of in medicine today. Gabrielle is now enjoying all the activities of summer and back to cheerleading, pain free! When I told my daughter I was going to write this letter, her remark was, "Dr. Zaret is great!"