Dr. Feder,

I just wanted to say what a great job you did with the surgery you performed in February.  The last time I was in your office I told you that I won a small tournament at the tennis club I belong to.  But this past weekend my daughter-in-law and I played a major tournament, and we took the 35 and older Championship which puts our names on the plaque in the clubhouse.  We won the same tournament last year, but we weren’t challenged like we were yesterday and by the time I was done last year my foot was killing me.

The final match yesterday took three hours, and it was three full sets 7-6, 4-6, 6-4 against two 37-year-old athletic women that played sports in college and one of them coached girls lacrosse at CWPost until last year. There was no pain at all in my foot and prior to this there was a lump that would build as I was playing making it painful but there was nothing yesterday.  The only thing hurting was the aching in my thighs and calves last night but that’s fine. I'm the oldest woman that plays in these tournaments and the fact that we won two years in a row makes me feel pretty good, my daughter-in-law is holding me to it again next year. I remember your last words the last time I was in your office, if you’re at the end of the match and it starts hurting, go for it because you can’t do any damage to it now.  That made me feel confident that no matter what I felt in the foot that I knew it was temporary.

Anytime anyone asks about my surgeries I fly your flag since you came very highly recommended, and I will continue to recommend you since you did such a great job.

Thank you so much for making it possible to continue playing tennis and enjoying activities.

Priscilla Skolnick