I was referred to Dr. Jonathan Ticker by a friend who was treated for a shoulder impingement and pleased with his results. My injuries were more substantial. I was seen several times by Dr. Ticker for torn rotator, torn labrum and subacromial decompression to the right shoulder. The only way to repair the damage was surgery. I was very impressed with the doctor's bedside manner, his experience with prior surgeries, and his detailed and extensive explanations of the procedures involved.

In addition, he insisted that my wife meet with him as part of the decision-making process and to familiarize her with my aftercare. The surgery was successful and after extensive physical therapy I was back weightlifting after six months and pain free! One year later, I was back to my original training regimen with no limitations.

Eight years later, I was in a similar situation with my left shoulder. Again I had the same injuries and it was a "no brainer" for me to have Dr. Ticker perform the surgery. The second time around, the surgery was even better having refined his technique, my post-op recovery at the hospital was more comfortable, the surgical scars were less visible, and the entire rehabilitation and follow up by Dr. Ticker were a pleasure. Again, after six months, I was back in the gym and as of this testimonial (one year later), I am on my way back to a "full" recovery! I have referred several colleagues and friends for their various shoulder injuries and all were pleased with their experience.