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Saul Brodsky


Physical Therapy, Shoulder Injection

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Jonathan B. Ticker, M.D.

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In January 2013, I began to experience constant pain in my right shoulder. After visiting my internist and having X-rays taken, a preliminary diagnosis of bursitis was made. While two prednisone treatments alleviated the pain, when it recurred we both realized that a second opinion was needed. During my first meeting with Dr. Ticker, he recommended further testing, which revealed a partially torn labrum, bursitis, tendinitis, an arthritic cyst and an impingement. The good news was that it was treatable without invasive surgery. After several weeks of physical therapy and a proprietary injection, the pain had dissipated considerably to the extent that I've been able to resume many activities (golf and boating) that I thought were lost.

The office is 21st century modern, the staff is efficient, and Dr. Ticker is extremely thorough during the contact time that is spent with his patients. He has a very easy demeanor and his questioning effectively works to isolate both the pain level and the precise location(s) of the affected areas. It's always a relief to learn what's wrong and to get the sense that you're in very capable hands.