I found Dr. Price online after being discharged from the army with a knee injury that the army doctors told me they couldn't do anything for. The pain in my knee got worse as the months went on and, in desperation, I searched for an orthopedic doctor in my area. I found Dr. Price and decided to go see him as all his reviews were excellent.

The reviews didn't lie. On my first visit, he drained 30 ccs of fluid from my knee and gave me a steroid shot in the knee. I left the office walking and feeling better than I had in months. A few weeks later, after an MRI, surgery, and physical therapy, I was back nearly to normal, until my other knee gave out. Back to Dr. Price, same result! I have referred two of my coworkers to him and they couldn't be happier. I commend and recommend Dr. Price and his excellent staff.