While vacationing in the Adirondacks, I suffered a nasty fall in the woods that severely damaged my right shoulder to the point where motion in all directions was reduced to at best 20%. Fortunately, I had no prior experiences with orthopedic injuries, but several friends and family members recommended Orlin & Cohen as a highly respected, popular, and conveniently located practice. My initial evaluation clearly indicated a serious injury, prompting an MRI, which confirmed a massive rotator cuff tear and associated labrum damage. I was immediately referred to Dr. Eric Keefer who concisely reviewed with me the findings of the MRI, the extent of the damage, and the necessity for surgical repair in order to regain the motion and strength of my essential arm.

Dr. Keefer clearly explained that my injury would require major arthroscopic surgery, a lengthy recovery period, and an absolute commitment to a comprehensive physical therapy rehabilitation program. He also expressed his desire to minimize time, which was already working against our mutual goal of a successful surgery.

To that end, he promptly scheduled and completed the procedure, and had me on the first steps of the road to recovery, within one week of that consult. The surgery went well and the staffs at both the South Shore Ambulatory Surgical Center and the Orlin & Cohen offices were professional and reassuring throughout the entire process. I always felt I was in good hands.

I followed Dr. Keefer's advice to work hard on my rehabilitation and found myself progressing precisely as he ensured me I would from the very start. Four months later and my shoulder is now vastly improved, my range of motion is almost completely restored, and I can once again use my right arm for so many of life's necessities like picking up my daughter and, eventually, throwing a baseball to my son again. I am grateful for the masterful job Dr. Keefer did in rebuilding my shattered shoulder and returning me to the active lifestyle I enjoyed before my injury. Without hesitation I would recommend him to anyone in need of a caring and competent orthopedic surgeon.