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Bryan Baracaldo, PT, DPT

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I had double knee replacement therapy on January 4th and was playing competitive racquetball 12 weeks later in early April. Brian played a big part in my quick recovery by paying attention to what my body was telling him physically, while listening to what I was telling him verbally. I wanted to be pushed to the practical limit in order to meet the knee replacement recovery milestones as quickly as possible. Thanks to the exercises Brian prescribed, I was able to bend both knees to a 130 + degree angle within 6 weeks of my surgery. The next 6 weeks of PT were used to develop leg muscle strength, particularly the quads, as I mentioned to Brian that I wanted to descend stairs with little effort and without pain. Mission accomplished in week 9. Your surgery results will be as good as your doctor’s performance, and your recovery results will be as good as your therapists. Brian is very knowledgeable and knows what needs to be done to help his patients recover from a specific type of injury. Because he listens, he tailors an individuals therapy plan to achieve maximum success. Thanks Brian. Nice job!