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Francesco Policaro, PT, DPT, MBA, ART

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I first met Frank when I was 15 when I was having issues/tightness with both hip flexors. I was preparing to play in high level national soccer tournaments and needed to get better quickly. After just a few sessions with Frank I was back to 100% and was able to play without issue. Since then, I have been going to Frank for any/all of my sports injuries over the past 7 years. He has helped me get back to and maintain my health throughout my high level high school and college soccer as well as all my training. I lead a very active lifestyle between sports and training which has lead to a long list of injuries that Frank has treated. It started with hip flexors but Frank has also treated my hamstrings, calves, shoulders, and ankles. Most recently I suffered a severe high ankle sprain and stress reaction to my right ankle. It is no exaggeration when I say that my first thought was "I gotta go see Frank for this". I trust him more than any other provider that has treated me and refuse to see anyone else. Franks work and guidance throughout this ankle injury have been instrumental in speeding up my recovery so i can get back to training for a Marathon. From his technical knowledge and command of Physical Therapy, to his demeanor/manner as a provider there is nobody better in the realm of PT. Not only has he treated me incredibly well but he has also taught me as much as I'm willing to learn which is so helpful and refreshing. For as long as I'll be getting injured, I will be relying on Frank to help me recover. I'm incredibly thankful for him and consider him the most effective medical provider that I have ever received treatment from.