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Victoria Strauber


ACL Surgery

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Eric P. Keefer, M.D.

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In September 2009, my daughter Jessica was injured playing soccer. She was 13 at the time. We immediately took her to the hospital. Since she was in no immediate danger, they advised us to follow up with an orthopedist. After an examination, MRI, and follow-up visit, we were told it was just some "torn fibers." Jessica should return to gym and sports, which she did.

After several weeks and with no improvement, we decided to look for a second opinion and I was referred to Orlin & Cohen by a volunteer I work with. It was by pure luck that we eventually came upon Dr. Keefer. From the first moment he saw Jessica, he was professional, compassionate, confident, and he listened to what she as a "teenage" patient had to say.

Dr. Keefer examined Jess and knew from his first examination that all was not good as we had been told. He took the time to explain to us his concerns and answered patiently every question we had. He immediately ordered an MRI. From this first visit alone, we knew we had finally found an orthopedist.

On July 2, Dr. Keefer "scoped" Jessica's knee and found what he (and Jessica) had suspected. She had a completely torn ACL in her right knee. Immediately after her surgery, Dr. Keefer came out to explain everything about the surgery to us.

All of her follow up visits were like her first visit. Her surgery was 100% a success. Jessica has not, on a single occasion, had any difficulty with her knee. We could not have found a better surgeon than Dr. Keefer. As parents, we had great fear in allowing anyone to operate on our child, much less a doctor we had only just met, but we felt 100% confidence with Dr. Keefer immediately.

Dr. Keefer has since treated Jess for additional injuries. He never rushes us through a visit no matter how slight the injury. Jessica's younger sister Samantha and I are also currently now patients of Dr. Keefer's. We could not have found a better doctor!!!!