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Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgery can change your life. The results of a total hip or knee replacement can be nothing short of amazing when performed by a surgeon with the right experience. At Orlin & Cohen, fellowship-trained reconstructive surgeons specialize in total joint replacement - as well as the more difficult hip and knee revision surgery - with successful outcomes that rival those of the country's most prestigious institutions.

Two of the most effective surgeries in all of medicine, the overwhelming majority of hip and knee replacement patients enjoy a full recovery. In fact, more than 95% of patients can walk as far as they want without pain or limping once they recover.

Nearly 27 million Americans have osteoarthritis. If you're one of them, watch this video to learn about treatment options from Dr. Bradley Gerber, our chief of Total Joint Replacements.

Even with such outstanding results, our team initially focuses on the most conservative approaches, particularly when hip or knee deterioration is the result of osteoarthritis (OA), a condition that affects nearly 27 million Americans. We recommend rest, cold or heat, as well as physical therapy and later, pain management with injection therapy.

If such conservative approaches are not effective, we consider total joint replacement or the less invasive, advanced hip resurfacing technique known as the Birmingham Hip. In this procedure a cap placed on the hip, which is often the better alternative for younger patients who want to maintain flexibility.


Joint Replacement Specialists

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  • Do you have specialized training in joint replacement beyond general orthopedics?
  • How many hips, elbows, or knees have you replaced?
  • What’s the typical recovery time?

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