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Spine, Neck and Back

Among the country's top spine specialists, Orlin & Cohen's board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedists focus on relieving chronic neck and back pain so you can regain your life.

Our doctors are renowned for their treatment of spinal disorders, including degenerative disc disease and herniated discs, severe lower back (lumbar) and neck (cervical) pain, osteoporosis, scoliosis and sciatica. Whenever possible, our doctors always first choose the most conservative care for patients, such as physical therapy and pain management with therapeutic injections. Should surgery be necessary, our subspecialists have extensive experience in:

  • Spinal instrumentation, which are medical implants designed to provide a permanent solution to spinal instability.
  • Minimally invasive procedures that help speed recovery such XLIF® fusion surgery. He is one of few selected surgeons worldwide trained in the XLIF technique, which has a typical recovery time of less than 6 weeks.
  • Artificial disc replacement techniques, also known as disc arthroplasty, which may be the preferred alternative to spinal fusion for some patients.

Spine, Neck and Back Specialists

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