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Samantha Noah

Samantha Noah
Fitness Instructor

Samantha's spinal fusion surgery performed by our fellowship-trained spine subspecialists helped get her active life back on track.

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Scott Wissemann

Scott Wissemann
Distance Swimmer

Scott's shoulder surgery performed by our fellowship-trained shoulder subspecialists got him back in the pool.

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Don Phillips

Don Phillips
Speed Skater

Don's hip replacement performed by our fellowship-trained hip subspecialists got him back on the ice.

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John Piccarelli

John Piccarelli

John's knee and hip surgery performed by our fellowship-trained knee and hip subspecialists helped get him back on his board.

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Leslie Wecksler & Pat Daly
We have been patients of Orlin & Cohen orthopedists and treated at Orlin & Cohen Physical Therapy. In 2011, Pat had knee surgery with Dr. Levitz; Leslie had steroid injections into both hips & groin by Dr. Germano, and a steroid injection to the hand by Dr. Brown. We both began physical therapy with Franceso Policaro and his ART (Active Release Therapy) method, and an intensive program of exercise, facilitated at times by Judyanne Donohue, resulting in progress beyond our expectations, especially in Pat. We are competitive tennis players and were part of the 2011 USTA Super Seniors Nationals. Frank never doubted that we would be able to play and we did, finishing third out of 17 teams from around the country. See More

After the tournament we continued as patients at Orlin & Cohen; Leslie saw Drs. Adler, Feder, Germano, and Brown again and resumed Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy. Pat also returned to Dr. Levitz, as well as visiting Dr. Germano for hip pain and Dr. Saleem for a foot issue. Tennis takes a toll on a body, especially for super seniors!

In Physical Therapy, Francesco Policaro, and sometimes Jared Kipnis, continued to employ the ART method and literally held Leslie's body parts together. Claire Casatelli even jumped in to help Pat by teaching her how to apply kinesiology tape, a tool for reduction of inflammation and pain and to support an injured joint during strenuous activity. In addition, Michael Schmid contributed to both of our success by stretching the areas needed, and recommending a nutritional plan to ensure that we got more out of every workout and when playing tennis. We both adopted that plan and continue it now; both believing that it contributed to our recent number one finish at the 2012 Nationals.

We have been in and out of Physical Therapy for most of our lives in a variety of locations. We both agree that Orlin & Cohen Physical Therapy is by far the best and most successful experience with positive outcomes. Francesco Policaro and all his staff are consummate professionals who do an amazing job. A sincere thank you to everyone involved, our success has truly been a team effort!


James Bernard
I feel compelled to write this letter of commendation to these outstanding and dedicated doctors. This will be the first and probably only letter to a doctor's office but I feel well deserved.

Back in 1965, I was involved in a major motorcycle accident that left me with a broken femur and right side being paralyzed. Luckily for me, most of the paralyzation has subsided, but the surgery to repair my femur bone left me with 14% misalignment of the tibia. Over time, this developed into my knee and ankle with major damage and pain.

Dr. Germano & Dr. Zaret performed the required surgery to replace my knee and ankle. Now approaching 70 years old, these surgeries have given me a new life and I owe it all to them. I tell everyone about their outstanding work.


Raymond Stambouli
I wanted to take a moment to thank the staff, both in Massapequa and in Merrick, in helping me to rehab my shoulder. From the initial diagnosis to the completion of my Physical Therapy the staff members were superb at their jobs. I was really impressed at how professional and extremely observant the staff was in making sure I did my exercises correctly so as to maximize my progress. And that also includes all the aides who have been trained wonderfully and always kept me to task. I will always recommend Orlin & Cohen. Thanks to everyone.


James DeVito
As a competitive motorcycle racer, I have the unfortunate need to see an orthopedist somewhat regularly. I initially became a patient of Dr. Goldstein in 1992 when he performed the first of several knee operations and I followed him to Orlin & Cohen when he joined the group. More recently I have been regularly seen by Dr's. Goldstein, Orlin and Ticker after I fractured 9 vertebrae, a few ribs, and damaged my shoulder. I have been blessed to have the care of the Dr's at Orlin & Cohen. They have always guided my health decisions with great respect and needed understanding of my lifestyle. The staff is friendly, compassionate, and accommodating.


John Ventimiglia
I started going to Orlin & Cohen 5 years ago on a referral by one of Dr. Price's former patients. I had injured my left knee 45 years ago while playing college sports. During these past years my knee was scooped twice and I lived with constant pain as my knee deteriorated. Dr. Price examined my knee, took x-rays and an MRI. He explained to me that my knee would require knee replacement surgery. During our discussions I mentioned that surgery was not an option at this time. I would not be able to take the time off from work needed to rehab such a surgery and asked if there was another option which could help me until I was able to have the surgery. Dr. Price said he understood and recommended that I try a relatively new option for such injuries, which were Gel shots. My knee responded very well to the gel shots and made my discomfort very tolerable. I received the gel shots twice a year for the next 4 years. After retiring in July 2013 I met with Dr. Price and discussed having the knee replacement surgery. See More

Dr. Price informed me that his partner Dr. Gerber would be performing the replacement surgery. My wife and I met with Dr. Gerber who explained the entire procedure and what the rehab would be. Both my wife and I left the office feeling very confident that Dr. Geber would be the surgeon to repair and replace my knee. He explained the risks involved in this type of surgery and displayed the confident attitude you want to hear from your surgeon. I had my surgery on October 10, 2013.

Six months have gone by since my knee replacement and I am fully recovered. Yes I am dancing, playing golf, riding my bike and taking long hikes once again and "TOTALLY PAIN FREE" for the first time in 42 years. I would like to thank everyone at Orlin & Cohen. The office staff was always very polite and professional making it so easy to set up appointments for follow up visits to the staff who worked so hard to set up the surgery and hospital stay. It truly left only one matter to my wife and I; that was getting to the hospital on time.

I want to thank Dr. Price for being so caring and professional all of the time as well as enabling me to be able to wait until retirement for my surgery.

Dr. Gerber, thank you for doing such a great job on my knee replacement surgery. I am pain free and once again enjoying all that life has to offer.

I have and will continue to refer all to Orlin & Cohen for any orthopedic injuries


Silvia Cruz
I was very fortunate to come across Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group. My doctors are Dr. Price & Dr. Zaret. I went to their office for a second opinion and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I had 2 knee surgeries, 2 shoulder surgeries, and ankle surgery. I have also been treated by Dr. Yadegar who is amazing. See More

The staff is so professional and caring. They make me feel special. I am able to work and do my daily activities. I feel like a new woman! I truly recommend the Orlin & Cohen facility to anyone. I love all of them.


Howard Bernstein
I am pleased to express my gratitude to two excellent physicians who have treated me with compassion and professionalism throughout the time I was under their care.

Mitchell Goldstein has examined me for a variety of ailments and injuries over the last ten years. He has been unfailingly accurate in his diagnosis, willing to answer all of my questions fully and knowledgeably and is always brimming with enthusiasm and humor. In my most recent visit, he determined that I had suffered severe damage to my shoulder (torn rotator cuff, labrum and tendons) following a slip and fall and recommended that I be seen by Dr. Ticker. After examining me, Dr. Ticker confirmed the diagnosis, fully apprised me of my options and discussed the procedure he would follow if I selected surgery. During the course of the initial consult and a follow-up, I felt he got to know me as a person, which included understanding the importance to me of returning to work and engaging in physical activity as quickly as possible. When he answered my questions, I could tell that his answers took these priorities into account. See More

Dr. Ticker ensured that I was fully prepared on the day of the surgery and even took the trouble to let the person waiting for me know, on two separate occasions, how the procedure was going. In the visits I have had with him since, he has discussed at length the status on my shoulder and what my expectations should be regarding my recuperation in the short and long term. At all times, I felt I was being treated by a highly skilled professional who exuded warmth, humor and caring.

Five months after surgery, I have regained most of my range of motion and I am building my strength. I intend to be playing golf, softball and participating in most other sporting activities by next spring. If such is the case, it will due, in substantial part, to the efforts of Dr. Ticker.


Bennett H. Brown, M.D.
Hand & Upper Extremity Specialist

Edmund McCarthy
My orthopedic doctor in the Orlin & Cohen Massapequa office recommended I see Dr. Bennett Brown in the Merrick office for a hand condition called Dupuytren's Contracture. As it turned out, Dr. Brown was able to determine I was not a candidate for the injections. I was going to have to have hand surgery. I would like to say that the operation was a great success. For years I was unable to open my hand, or hold any objects, or shake hands. After the surgery by Dr. Brown, and great physical therapeutic exercise at Orlin & Cohen, I ‘m as good as new. Anyone who has any type of hand problems, I would highly suggest they pay Dr. Brown a visit. He's a great pro!


Eleanor deNuefville
I am a patient of Dr. Brown's and had complicated fracture of both arms. I had 3 hours of surgery by Dr. Brown with reduction of the fx and placement of hardwear. The bones healed well and I have a very minimal scar on my wrist, with good movement of the joint. I found Dr. Brown to be knowledgeable, understanding and caring. He was also very patient with my never ending questions and request for reassurance.

I found the staff at both the Cedarhurst and Lynbrook offices to be helpful with filling out needed insurance forms in a timely fashion. My appointments at both offices were on time, with very short waiting period.


George Poppe
I have been dealing for years with a condition known as Dupuytren's Contracture and finally decided to have it looked at. My lucky day came when I found Dr. Bennett Brown in my health care provider book. My condition made it increasingly difficult for me to perform even simple tasks and chores. Dr. Brown was completely familiar with this condition and I had the surgery done in the facility in Lynbrook. See More

I have to say I am totally satisfied and both of my hands have returned to full function. Looking at the surgical sites now, you would never know I even had surgery. They are healed and look like they did before I developed the condition and I don't feel bad about how my hands look now.

The office staff was very professional and pleasant. Everyone from the reception area to the surgical staff was nice, and I mean NICE, and I was not nervous at all. Dr. Brown, in my opinion, is a very special surgeon. He knows his work and does it well. I am very happy with the whole experience and recommend Dr. Brown to anyone considering hand surgery. Thank you Dr. Brown.


Kevin Gregory
Dr. Brown treated me for trigger fingers. He took the time to explain the treatment plan. He tried injections and as a last resort performed surgery. I found relief & my fingers no longer lock. I now have minimal pain.

I decided to go to Orlin & Cohen because of their good reputation and I would recommend Orlin & Cohen to everyone.


Vince Turano
After having knee surgery in 2009 with a tremendous outcome with Orlin and Cohen's Dr. Eric Price, I knew exactly where to go when I detached my bicep, during the cleanup of my home after Hurricane Sandy. My past experience with Dr. Eric Price was phenomenal so I set up an appointment with him after my arm injury. He immediately knew this was a job for Dr. Bennett Brown. Upon my first meeting with Dr. Brown, he was all the things one would want in a doctor. Technically cutting edge, experienced, great bedside manner, practical, patient and a great listener. See More

He reviewed several options in detail and made his final recommendation. The surgery was a breeze, and the recovery went just as he projected. I feel 100% restored and will forever be grateful. Dr. Brown is easy to talk to and has his heart into what he does; it's his life. I have great confidence in recommending anyone to choose Dr. Brown and the staff at Orlin Cohen. I started with an injury and left with a restored arm and a trusted friend and professional.


Daniel Yadegar, M.D.
Director of Pain Management

Gail Weinstein
Almost 6 years ago I had to retire from work because of all the pain I started to have. I could not walk, sleep, or live without pain throughout my entire body. After suffering for a few years I went to Orlin & Cohen and saw Dr. Orlin because I knew pain like that had to radiate down from the back. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Not wanting to undergo back surgery as suggested, Dr. Orlin made an appointment with Dr. Yadegar in Pain Management to see if I could be helped. I've been Dr. Yadegar's patient for almost 3 years and he is an amazing doctor and person. He is caring, dedicated, and most important does not give up trying to ease the pain of his patients. See More

I am still handicapped but live with much less pain. I thank Dr. Orlin every day for sending me to Dr. Yadegar. The staff and nurses at Pain Management are the best you can find anywhere. They run an efficient office and the nurses are so very caring. I am grateful to have found the Pain Management office and especially Dr. Yadegar.


Laurie Jackson
I came to Orlin & Cohen after a car accident 5 1/2 years ago that left me with multiple herniated discs. Two years later I had surgery on my neck to replace 2 discs, which was performed by Dr. Faust. Part of my treatment has been going to Pain Management for epidural injections. When my previous doctor relocated I was recommended to Dr. Yadegar. In the beginning of my treatment the injections made me slightly nervous & now a new doctor as well!

First off let me say the injections have changed my life. They allow me to function & not be in constant pain. Any concerns I had about Dr. Yadegar were quickly alleviated!! His demeanor instantly puts you at ease. See More

He is very easy to talk to & takes the time to listen to any concerns you might have. His ability to explain the procedure & answer any of my questions took away any anxiety I had. I have recommended Dr. Yadegar to many people & will continue to do so.

As for the staff in his office, I can honestly say I have never met a friendlier, accommodating staff in any other doctor's office. From the front desk, scheduler & nurses each one is as friendly & professional as the next. They put you at ease on procedure day explaining what is happening every step of the way. If a problem should arise the office manager is top notch & quick to help you. The surgical suite is immaculate! The ease of being able to go to the office instead of a hospital is fabulous!

Overall, my treatment at Dr. Yadegar's office has been nothing but a positive experience from day one. He continues to keep me pain free & the great attitude of his staff is a true bonus! I would never hesitate to recommend his services!


Sherri Ferrero
I have been a patient of Dr. Yadegar's for several years. He has been treating me for pain in my left shoulder, neck and back. When I originally saw Dr. Yadegar in early 2011 he would come to their Bohemia office once a month, which was extremely convenient for me as it was only 5 minutes from where I live. I found him to be extremely thorough with an excellent personality and sense of humor, which when you're in pain is very important. After only a few visits with him I was advised he would no longer be coming to the Bohemia office and that his main practice would be out of their Merrick office. Since I had confidence in him and Orlin & Cohen's staff, I decided to try the Merrick office. See More

It was definitely one of the best decisions I could have made. Everyone I have come in contact with there from reception to surgical booking has been amazing. Everyone is friendly and warm and they work with you and your schedule and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

I have been getting epidural shots for over a year and the staff in that area is the best. They remember each and every patient, they're friendly and put everyone at ease. They have made each of my many experiences there very pleasant.

When I first started with Orlin & Cohen I could barely hold my head up. The pain was excruciating and now it's more than manageable. My quality of life has greatly improved. I'm not tied to my house and unable to go out and do what I need to do because of the pain. I can now take my daughter where she needs to go, go shopping with her and look forward to each day.

I would highly recommend Orlin &Cohen, especially Dr. Yadegar, to anyone.


Joseph A. Cardinale, M.D.

Clare McCarthy
For several years I have been seeing Dr. Robert Lippe at the Orlin & Cohen office in Massapequa for minor fractures. When I developed severe lower back pain, he recommended that I see Dr. Joseph Cardinale at the Merrick office. He and his great team have enabled me to get my life back on track. From his Physician's Assistant, to all of the Nurses, the Anesthesiologist, to the capable office staff who sort through all the paperwork, they are all friendly, professional and very helpful. See More

Dr. Cardinale is a great listener and seems to understand exactly what my problem is with my lower back, and how he thinks it should be dealt with. Since 2011 he has been responsible for getting me back on my feet pain free, so that my husband & I have been able to enjoy several active & lengthy journeys. Without his kind help, this would not have been possible.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Cardinale, and his very capable team at Orin & Cohen, to anyone who needs to improve their life through pain management.


Michael S.
I came to know Dr. Cardinale well over a year ago. Since Day 1, I've never met a physician who has displayed the level of patience, compassion and empathy like Dr. Cardinale has with me and my condition.

He is truly a wonderful doctor who is always trying to help me achieve my long term goal of feeling the best that I can.


Paula Wangerin
It pleases me to be able to write a testimonial on the Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group and Dr. Cardinale, in particular. In fact, I have been a regular patient since 2005, when I fractured my elbow. The staff has been wonderful, caring and always very diligent about accommodating my needs, even when the office was brimming with patients.

With a diagnosis of lumbar radiculopathy, spondylolisthesis and a displacement of intervertebral disc in my back, I felt a sense of despair, because my hectic schedule precluded surgery and all its associated risks. Dr. Faust recommended I consult with Dr. Cardinale, who came highly recommended. See More

To date my experience with him has been most positive since, I sense, he listens intently and is willing to gear his treatment toward what is actually ailing me. My treatment included two spinal injections which were not altogether effective so Dr. Cardinale suggested a trigger point injection. The latter has been decidedly helpful in relieving an almost crippling pain which radiated into my right hip. Together with my exercise routine, which has been a consistent part of my life, I am grateful for the relief the treatment has provided. Dr. Cardinale is most personable, but what sets him apart is his keen awareness of his patient's needs, coupled with his knowledge of providing the best care in treating the human structure.

Naturally, without the exceptional staff as well as personnel (Physicians Assistants Scott and Michelle), I probably would still be in agony.


Michael P. Carroll, M.D.

Thomas Maggi
I was totally pleased with the course of my treatment from Dr. Carroll and the staff of Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group. My surgery performed by Dr. Carroll was for two total hip replacements and treatment which has provided me with the best ever recovery. I am so happy to say that after 3 weeks from my second operation that I am now walking without the use of a walker or a cane. I will not forget Dr. Carroll & his great team that got me back to walking again.


Alfred F. Faust, M.D.

Jennifer Sweet
I became a patient of Dr. Faust in 2006 when he was practicing in Princeton, NJ. I had been suffering from scoliosis since the age of 13 when I was put into the Milwaukee Brace. By the time I reached my late 30's my pain was constant and it was time to see an Orthopedist again. My Primary Care Physician referred me to Dr. Faust, who, in my first visit, gave me more information about my scoliosis than any other Orthopedist before. My curve was problematic but not quite warranting invasive surgery. Five years later, I began to experience health problems that sent me to a cardiologist. Once again my scoliosis reared its ugly head and I needed an orthopedic surgeon. Where was Dr. Faust? A Google search led me to Orlin and Cohen - Dr. Faust was now 44 miles from where I was living in North Jersey! One week later I was seeing the great Dr. Faust again AND he remembered me! He not only confirmed that my health issues were directly linked to my scoliosis, but that the curve had changed significantly. Surgery was imminent. There was no one I trusted more with this huge surgery than Dr. Faust. See More

Dr. Faust performed one of the most complicated surgeries a person could go through. I had my entire thoracic spine fused with rods and pinnacle screws. The surgery was the week of Christmas and Dr. Faust stayed close to ensure that I was always receiving the proper treatment and care at the hospital.

My case has been a difficult and complex one and Dr. Faust has seen me through all of it - never showing frustration or irritation, only sincere concern. I am pain free and feeling better than I have since I was 13. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Faust for making me well again. I don't believe there is another orthopedic surgeon out there who is as kind, thoughtful, helpful as well as thorough than Dr. Faust.


Samantha Noah
I became a patient of Dr. Faust after years of struggling with a herniated disc in my lower back, which was caused by a car accident. Due to consistent pain, my entire world was turned upside down. Fitness had always been a passion of mine, and I was unable to remain dedicated. I am an early childhood teacher, and I was miserable at work (as I could not easily engage with my children). Bending down to their level and sitting for extended periods of time with my students became unbearable. My emotional and physical states were definitely affected in a negative way. I had exhausted every option, including chiropractic care and cortisone shots. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Faust. Upon meeting him, I appreciated his calm way of treating me, as if I were his only patient and his waiting room was not packed. See More

He performed my alterior lumbar inter fusion (ALIF) surgery in June of 2009. Dr. Faust's bedside manner before and after the procedure was warm and encouraging. This is a doctor who has time and again proved how much his patients genuinely mean to him.

While my recovery was approximately three months long, Dr. Faust reminded me to return to a moderate activity level. It was a process, but on my one year post-surgery checkup, Dr. Faust assured me that I could return to the gym. Soon after that, I went sky diving! A year prior, I was barely able to sit comfortably. I also returned to the gym, and I am proud to say that I am now in the best physical shape I have ever been in (despite having a titanium plate and screws inserted into my spine).

My story inspires me to keep moving, and it is difficult to articulate the happiness I feel when I can help others. None of this would have ever been remotely possible without Dr. Alfred Faust.


John Feder, M.D.

Ava Bonomolo & Family
My daughter Ava broke her ankle in 2 places at a softball practice in September 2012 and had to have surgery. As a family we have not had to deal with a situation like this before so it was very nerve racking and we didn't know what to expect. Dr. Feder came highly recommended to us from a family member that lives in Rockville Centre. From the time we met Dr. Feder he made us feel confident that Ava was going to be okay. He scheduled the pre-op and surgery within a few days. The experience with the whole process was wonderful. There was someone at Ava's side the whole time from the start of the pre-op and through surgery, right up to putting her in the car to go home.

It's now 9 months since her surgery and Ava is doing wonderful and will be playing softball in the Fall. Moving forward I will be recommending Dr. Feder to my friends and family. He is a true professional. Thank you Dr. Feder.


Donna Dempsey
I believe the true test of a feeling of trust and admiration for a doctor and a practice is when asked for a recommendation and you feel confident enough to give one. I have recommended Dr. Feder and Orlin & Cohen Orthopedics numerous times to family and friends over the many years that I have been a patient there.

Dr. Feder is a talented, true professional, who honestly cares about the well-being of his patients. He always takes the time to discuss your condition and comes up with a comprehensive plan to treat you. I truly value his role in my ongoing care. From the time you arrive at their office in Bohemia to the time you check out, the staff treats you in a friendly compassionate manner. This means a lot when all you want is to feel better.


Richard Landau
I have been a patient of Dr. Feder for over 15 years being treating for a fractured scapula and a broken ankle in June 2012 and then again in February 2013. In fact my daughter is also a patient of Dr. Feder and she is very pleased with his personality, diagnosis, and treatment.

My internist had recommended Dr. Feder to me and I am very pleased with his professionalism and the treatment that I have received over the years. The staff at Orlin & Cohen have been exceptional and understanding to my needs and have been wonderful to me and my family. My family and I highly recommend Dr. Feder and the Orlin & Cohen Group.


Robert Y. Garroway, M.D.

Allan Sinclair
I sustained knee injuries while working on the job in two separate incidents and needed surgery on my knees. I went to Dr. Garroway because he was highly recommended and held in high esteem by personal associates of mine.The care I received from Dr. Garroway and his staff was second to none. He set me up with Physical Therapy before and after my surgery to help strengthen the muscles around my injury to determine if surgery was absolutely necessary. The Physical Therapy staff was excellent and accommodating as well. See More

Dr. Garroway is personable, patient and professional. He's always attentive about how you're doing and or if any new developments may have occurred. Dr. Garroway's the best, he never rushes and takes the time to consult all his patients respectfully. It truly is a blessing to have him as my physician.


Otto Voigt
I have been going to Dr. Garroway for 40 years and he is one of the best orthopedic surgeons. He is very talented and overall is a great guy. I recommend him and the Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group.


Bradley Gerber, M.D.
Hip, Knee & Joint Replacement Specialist

Debbie Kahn
I can't thank Dr. Gerber and his very capable staff enough for the care and attention I received in regards to my hip replacement surgery. I was reluctant to go this route since I thought I was "too young" for this type of surgery, thinking I should put it off as long as possible. I am so grateful for Dr. Gerber's insight as to why I was sacrificing the quality of my life today, for what may or may not happen years down the road. I am thrilled with how successful the surgery has been and to once again bring activities back into my life. I forgot what it was like to take a walk on the beach. I can't imagine having better care anywhere. Thank you Dr. Gerber, I am forever grateful.


Lisa Danz
While at a routine doctor's appointment, I was mentioning to my doctor about the troubles I had with my hips. Without hesitation she recommended Dr. Gerber. A few weeks later I was reading the newspaper and saw an article about hip surgery and Dr. Gerber was quoted in the article! Fate! That evening I went on the Orlin & Cohen website and inquired about an appointment. They called me the very next day, and I had an appointment in a week! See More

The office staff at Orlin & Cohen was very friendly and professional. I was nervous, as I am only 47 years old, and had so much pain and so many limitations. Upon meeting Dr. Gerber, I knew he was the right fit for me. He explained the problems I have with my hips, and why I was having so many limitations. He was so optimistic! Dr. Gerber explained the surgery. He was very reassuring. I am overjoyed to say that 6 weeks after my second surgery, I am walking better than ever! I cannot believe how liberated I feel. The pain I had been living with for the past 15 years....gone! Thank you, Dr. Gerber from the bottom of my heart!


Michael Fiore
Dr. Gerber came highly recommended from a good friend. I went to him for a second opinion. On completion of my first visit I was convinced he was going to perform my complete hip replacement surgery. I found the staff very professional and helpful in making all the arrangement for my surgery. From pre-surgical testing right up to the day of the surgery the staff at Orlin & Cohen made me feel confident that everything would go well. The surgery went well with no complications. Here I am 9 months later playing golf and doing all the activities I couldn't do before the surgery. I applaud Dr. Gerber for his talent and the staff at Orlin & Cohen for their professionalism for making my surgery as pleasant as it could be. I would highly recommend Dr. Gerber and Orlin & Cohen.


James A. Germano, M.D.

Don Phillips
After struggling with osteoarthritis for several years I finally decided to do something about it. Through the recommendation of a friend I made an appointment with the Orlin & Cohen Group. I found everyone there to be helpful and supportive. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. James Germano. After going over a long list of my many physical activities including: speed skating, long distance cycling, mountain biking and skiing, I felt confident that I chose the right doctor and practice. After my surgery (a hip replacement) and a week of rehab I was feeling great. All the pain from my arthritis was gone! In a couple of months I was able to resume all my activities at the same intensity as several years ago. I feel Dr. Germano and Orlin & Cohen added 10 years to my athletic career.


Jim Bendernagel
After getting numerous opinions from other doctors, I chose Dr. Germano from Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group because he was very informative and took the time to explain to me what my options were and what exactly the procedure entailed. I felt very confident with his knowledge and experience.

I had both of my hips replaced approximately a year and a half apart and couldn't have been more pleased with the results. I actually wake up pain free, and was back to work both times in 10 days! I highly recommend Dr. Germano and in fact have already done so. He has changed my life tremendously.


Lauranne & Barry Turgen
For many years we have been bothered by chronic knee pain. This was becoming progressively worse as the years wore on. It was a pain that limited us socially. While our friends walked on stairs, we opted for the elevator. The time came to seek medical attention, and fortunately we found the Orlin & Cohen Group where we met Dr. James Germano. We are a husband and wife who had four total knee replacement surgeries within one year without any complications. Dr. Germano accomplished exactly what he promised and we are now totally pain free. Dr. Germano's communication skills and personality is a definite asset to this surgical group. He is a sincere physician who truly cares for his patients. We have subsequently referred people with problematic knees to our favorite orthopedic surgeon.


Tony Stricklin
On May 3, 2012 I had hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Germano. The contacts with Dr. Germano before, during and after surgery made for a very smooth transition. Whenever I had questions pertinent to my diagnosis, about the procedure, or the recovery throughout the year, Dr. Germano offered the answers with confidence and cordiality. My post-surgical visits with Dr. Germano and his staff made my rehabilitation a positive experience as well.

It's not been a full year yet but when my friends ask me how my hip is I reply "What hip?" with a great big smile. I am extremely grateful for him and his staff's services and recommend them whenever given a chance.


Eric P. Keefer, M.D.

Matt Dunseith
I chose Orlin & Cohen for their extensive field in orthopedics and their participation in my health care coverage. After much research it became very evident that Dr. Eric Keefer was exactly what I was looking for. His focus on sports medicine, particularly of the elbow, caught my attention. I've had a chronically limited elbow for over 30 years due to breaking it and not having it set correctly. I lived with moderate discomfort my entire adult life. See More

During my consultation he took the time to go over any concerns I had and really made this an easy decision. The surgery went very well. After 6 weeks of therapy I was a new person. My day to day pain was no longer an issue. I have greatly improved my range of motion which includes being able to touch my right shoulder with my right hand, something I was previously unable to do my entire adult life. It's one year later and I truly feel like I've been given a new arm. I could not have asked for more. Dr. Eric Keefer is HIGHLY recommended.


Raul Marquez
Dr. Keefer is an excellent orthopedist who is personable and attentive. I am very happy with the work he has done on my shoulder and recommend him to anyone in need. I have had nothing but great experiences with him and the overall practice.


Sondra Blum
I first used Dr. Keefer in 1998 for a torn rotator cuff. He had been recommended by my internist, Dr. Cohen. He was cordial, informative and courteous. After my surgery I recovered quickly enough so that I was back on the tennis court within a very short time.

I used Dr. Keefer again about a year later for bursitis in both of my hips. Once again, I was very satisfied with treatment and care. I continue to use Dr. Keefer as necessary.


Steve Kurtis
While vacationing in the Adirondacks I suffered a nasty fall in the woods that severely damaged my right shoulder to the point where motion in all directions was reduced to at best 20%. Fortunately, I had no prior experiences with orthopedic injuries, but several friends and family members recommended Orlin & Cohen as a highly respected, popular and conveniently located practice. My initial evaluation clearly indicated a serious injury, prompting an MRI which confirmed a massive rotator cuff tear and associated labrum damage. I was immediately referred to Dr. Eric Keefer who concisely reviewed with me the findings of the MRI, the extent of the damage and the necessity for surgical repair in order to regain the motion and strength of my essential arm. See More

Dr. Keefer clearly explained that my injury would require major arthroscopic surgery, a lengthy recovery period and an absolute commitment to a comprehensive physical therapy rehabilitation program. He also expressed his desire to minimize time, which was already working against our mutual goal of a successful surgery.

To that end, he promptly scheduled and completed the procedure, and had me on the first steps of the road to recovery, within 1 week of that consult. The surgery went well and the staffs at both the South Shore Ambulatory Surgical Center and the Orlin & Cohen offices were professional and reassuring throughout the entire process. I always felt I was in good hands.

I followed Dr. Keefer's advice to work hard on my rehabilitation and found myself progressing precisely as he ensured me I would from the very start. Four months later and my shoulder is now vastly improved, my range of motion is almost completely restored and I can once again use my right arm for so many of life's necessities like picking up my daughter and, eventually, throwing a baseball to my son again. I am grateful for the masterful job Dr. Keefer did in rebuilding my shattered shoulder and returning me to the active lifestyle I enjoyed before my injury. Without hesitation I would recommend him to anyone in need of a caring and competent orthopedic surgeon.


Victoria Strauber
In September 2009 my daughter, Jessica was injured playing soccer. She was 13 at the time. We immediately took her to the hospital. Since she was in no immediate danger, they advised us to follow up with an orthopedist. After an examination, MRI and follow up visit, we were told it was just some "torn fibers". Jessica should return to gym and sports, which she did.

After several weeks and with no improvement we decided to look for a second opinion and Orlin & Cohen was referred to me by a volunteer I work with. It was by pure luck that we eventually came upon Dr. Keefer. From the first moment he saw Jessica, he was professional, compassionate, confident and he listened to what she as a "teenage" patient had to say. See More

Dr. Keefer examined Jess and knew from his 1st examination that all was not good as we had been told. He took the time to explain to us his concerns and answered patiently every question we had. He immediately ordered an MRI. From this first visit alone, we knew we had finally found an orthopedist.

On July 2nd Dr. Keefer "scoped" Jessica's knee and found what he (and Jessica) had suspected. She had a completely torn ACL in her right knee. Immediately after her surgery Dr. Keefer came out to explain everything about the surgery to us.

All of her follow up visits were like her first. Her surgery was 100 % a success. Jessica has not on a single occasion had any difficulty with her knee. We could not have found a better surgeon then Dr. Keefer. As a parent we had great fear in allowing anyone to operate on our child, much less a doctor we had only just met, but we felt 100% confidence with Dr. Keefer immediately.

Dr. Keefer has since treated Jess for additional injuries. He never rushes us through a visit no matter how slight the injury. Jessica's younger sister Samantha and I are also currently now patients of Dr. Keefer's. We could not have found a better doctor !!!!


Gregory Lieberman, M.D.

Ellen Parish
Dr. Lieberman is my hero! He has operated on both my knees and repaired my torn rotator cuff. I never even needed PT after any of the surgeries performed by him. He is a caring, committed wonderful, sincere and a gifted doctor. I am so blessed to have found him! I have had crappy knees since I was 11 and I am 55 now and he is the only one I trust to KEEP ME MOVING!!!!!


Geri Digena
It is with great pleasure to share with you a story as to why I chose Dr. Gregory Lieberman as my doctor. I will begin with his staff, you walk in the waiting room to an attentive always willing to help staff. Then you are escorted by another staff member to your private exam room who is also lovely, caring and intelligent.

I needed attention given to my knee due to a fall. Dr. Lieberman did an X-ray and suggested PT. He did not run me into the surgery room. After months and many ideas I finally had a total knee replacement. Thanks to Dr. Lieberman my surgery was a complete success. See More

You see he is an excellent listener, always putting his patients' well-being first and this is why I have such respect for him. When you go for post-surgery follow ups or any other visits he cares.

I believe when you go to a doctor you have to listen to directions. I wanted to walk and I did exactly what he said. That is why we worked so well together. I have total confidence in him and I feel comfortable in his presence. To me this is also very important in order to get well.

I have recommended many people to Dr. Lieberman over the past few years and all are as delighted as I am. Thank you Dr. Lieberman for all you have done for me. As I say all the time Good Bless your hands and heart.


John Fleitman
Recently, I underwent surgery with Dr. Lieberman to repair a torn rotator cuff of my right shoulder. Currently, I am receiving physical therapy treatments and have had post-surgical office visits with Dr. Lieberman. After having several other treatments throughout the year, I decided that a surgical repair would be the best course of treatment for me. I am now very happy to have undergone the surgical repair and expect full recovery sometime in the future. I wish to thank Dr. Lieberman and his staff in the Bohemia office for their excellent medical care before, during and after surgery.


Kenneth Clements
When I was injured at work back in 2003 I knew the only place I wanted to go for treatment was Orlin & Cohen. I slipped and fell down a spiral staircase leaving me with a dislocated left shoulder, torn meniscus in both knees, herniated and bulging disc in my lower back. Initially I was treated by Dr. Lieberman for all injuries and he eventually recommended I see Dr. Shapiro. My shoulder and knees are being treated by Dr. Lieberman and my back is being treated by Dr. Shapiro. I have received and continue to receive the best possible care from both doctors. See More

My shoulder and knees were initially treated with medication and physical therapy at the 30 Hempstead Ave. facility. The physical therapy team was professional, caring and extremely helpful in reducing pain, occupational therapy and improving my strength and balance along with flexibility.

Likewise I received the same treatment for my back with and emphasis on stretching and yoga to help the back pain. I was very impressed that surgery was never the first option; all other avenues were attempted before surgery was even discussed. My shoulder improved with physical therapy alone, my right and left knees required multiple meniscus surgeries, multiple injections of Supartz, Synvisc and eventually a total knee replacement of the right knee. I had X-stop decompression surgery to my lower back. After these last two surgeries were completed I went from taking constant pain killers to taking none. I am virtually pain free.

The thoroughness, professionalism, caring and completeness of the health care proved by these two doctor's, their RPA's, nurses, technicians and support staff is quite literally the very best. I have complete trust in them, they have never disappointed me. I just can't say enough about the level of care that I have been fortunate enough to have received at Orlin and Cohen. I've been treated for the past nine years and the same great experience continues to this very day.


Eric Price, M.D.
Sports Medicine Specialist

Balaram Stack
Balaram Stack, Pro Surfer
Without Dr. Price, I wouldn't have been able to stay in the water for the winter in Hawaii to catch those amazing waves!

Thanks Dr. Price!


Cornelius Campbell
I visited Orlin & Cohen after dislocating my shoulder in a surfing accident. Dr. Price and his team of experts provided me with excellent care and an honest opinion for treatment of my injury. A few short weeks later I was back in the water doing what I love.


Daniel Morgan
Dr. Price did an excellent job on my right shoulder which required four anchors. I heard so many stories about second and third surgeries for the shoulder, but Dr. Price did a great job and only once. I have already recommended Dr. Price and intend to do the same here.


Dr. Bobby
Dr. Bobby, Chiropractor, ACL surgery
Passion is not only a gift from God, it is what drives us to be the best. Dr. Price's passion and expertise in orthopaedics gave me back the ability and gift to be back in the water after 8 months. Mucho Maholo Doc !


Gary Davis
Dr. Price has always been there for me. He has done the work that he said he would for me. He did surgeries on all 4 parts, 2 shoulders and 2 knees. He is an asset to your company.


Gary Riesel
My first visit to Orlin & Cohen was to see Dr. Garroway after injuring my right shoulder. He was calm, personable, confident and began a course of treatment to diagnose my injury. After an MRI, he advised me I had a full thickness tear of my rotator cuff and even though surgery was optional I would not heal without it. He then suggested I see Dr. Price who he told me was an expert at this. See More

On my first visit with Dr. Price he examined my shoulder, reviewed my MRI, took some X-rays then calmly explained to me that it was my decision to have surgery, and strongly suggested it if I wanted to remain an active fit person. I found him to be cool, calm, confident and caring. I agreed on having surgery which was to be done arthroscopically using 3 holes. Dr. Price performed the surgery and due to an unexpected severity of my injury, and the deterioration of my shoulder I needed an additional incision and a quick thinking expert surgeon to put me back together again!

My post-op follow up with Dr. Price and PA Stephan was enlightening as they showed me the operative photos and procedure that they used! Dr. Price informed me of the severity and his hopefulness of my recovery. After 4 weeks I began Physical Therapy at the 30 Hempstead Avenue office. My therapist Roberta, as well as the staff has been awesome in helping to speed my recovery!

I believe Dr. Price did a miraculous job of repairing my shoulder. I would recommend him as #1 to anyone in need, as well as the entire Orlin & Cohen group from surgical to PT. I have made an amazing recovery and I believe it was a combination of good medicine and working hand. Every day that has led me to being able to be an active healthy person again!

Thanks to Dr. Price and all at Orlin & Cohen!


John Davide
Choosing Dr. Price came about by a combination of events. First, my training facility recommended him, and secondly I had some knowledge of the Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group. However, the most important piece of my decision making experience was my first meeting with Dr. Price. A torn rotator in my right shoulder would need repair if I was to ever play softball again. He was very patient with me and resolved any fears I might have had about the procedure I was about to undertake.

After the operation every step that I was told I would need to take was followed by a consult to reassure my successful recovery. Today I can honestly say that Dr. Price guided me back to my original form. At age sixty-five and still playing at a very high level of competitive softball gave me some concerns. But my ability to return to form is directly attributed to his work on my shoulder. Thank you Dr. Price


Kayleigh Grieser
I am thrilled to be healthy and back on the soccer field, and I want to say a huge "thank you" to Dr. Price for helping me get there! I was a junior in high school when I tore my left ACL, and although the news was devastating, Dr. Price was encouraging and positive. He told me that with a little hard work I could be back playing soccer in six months – and I was! See More

Two years later, while I was enjoying a great first season of college soccer, I again tore my ACL – this time it was my other knee along with a small medial meniscus tear, and a slight defect in my knee cartilage that required microfracture surgery. Scheduling surgery while I was away at school took a lot of coordination, but Dr. Price and his staff were more than accommodating. Again Dr. Price was empathetic, compassionate, and always optimistic.

Throughout my surgeries, Dr. Price was always available for me. As an avid athlete himself, he understands the emotional impact an injury can have. Dr. Price's approach goes beyond the typical doctor patient relationship. He was always quick to answer all my questions, calm my fears, and let me know how hard I could push myself. I am currently in the Physician's Assistant program at school, and I will always be grateful for having somebody teach me how to be a caring health care provider while having such a great bedside manner!

So Dr. Price, thank you for all the knee repairs and for always helping me believe in me!!


Lisa & Brian Greenberg
My son Brian tore his ACL during a wrestling match in Jan 2013 and we were faced with having to find an orthopedic surgeon who would be the most capable to perform the surgery. Dr. Price came highly recommended through both doctors and patients alike. We went to see him and he recommended using a part of Brian's own hamstring for his ACL repair. This would mean a better recovery for Brian, longer lasting results and less scar tissue than some of the other options. Dr. Price and his staff were efficient, courteous, and very professional. They explained every step to us and really set our minds at ease. The surgery went off without a hitch, and the very next day Brian started his recovery and rehabilitation. With Dr. Price's help, and weekly physical therapy, Brian was back to his High School sports teams in 6 1/2 months from his surgery. It was truly amazing, he was able to get back to varsity football, varsity wrestling and will be starting varsity Lacrosse in a few weeks. See More

During this process of our monthly visits with Dr. Price, he noticed that I too was limping. You see, I had been suffering with torn meniscus and arthritis in both of my knees. It literally just hurt to stand from a sitting position. I had just celebrated my 50th birthday and my knees felt like they were 80! He looked at me and said four words that changed my life - "I can help you". He then had x-rays, MRI and exams done and recommended OrthoVisc shots for both of my knees. I was skeptical at first but figured I had nothing to lose. He set up the series of four weeks of shots, and I was able to feel relief from the first shot. Virtually total relief a month after the last shot. I have been able to get back to an active lifestyle that I had missed for the 4 years I had been suffering. It has been wonderful to get back to the gym and being able to do step, kickboxing and aerobics classes. I haven't felt this good in years, and as a result I have lost 40 lbs.! Brian and I cannot thank him enough! Dr. Price and his staff are wonderful!


Mark Gelb
Dr. Price is not only a good doctor, but he's a true caring friend. I almost died in the hands of a doctor in 2005. It took a long time to start trusting doctors again, and it's all because of him. The way he cares about you and the time he spends with you. Like I said he became a friend.


Seth Dressekie
I found Dr. Price online after being discharged from the Army with a knee injury that the Army Doctors told me they couldn't do anything for. The pain in my knee got worse as the months went on and in desperation I searched for an Ortho Doc in my area, I found Dr. Price and decided to go see him as all his reviews were excellent. See More

The reviews didn't lie. On my first visit he drained 30cc's of fluid off my knee and gave me a steroid shot in the knee, I left the office walking and feeling better than I had in months. A few weeks later after an MRI, surgery and PT I was back nearly to normal, until my other knee gave out. Back to Dr. Price, same result! I have referred two of my co-workers to him and they couldn't be happier. I commend and recommend Dr. Price and his excellent staff.


Shaun Stanley
Dr. Price repaired my torn patella tendon. He was truly remarkable. He was extremely caring and made himself available for post-surgical queries and assistance. He showed that he was truly concerned to preserve the use of my knee. He also helped me with pain management. Moreover, I must admit he is one of the best dressed doctors I have ever met.


Walter Rho, M.D.

Helene Labrys
I wanted to express my deepest thanks to Dr. Rho and his staff at Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group and South Nassau Communities Hospital in making my carpal tunnel release procedure a pleasant endurance. My apprehension was overwhelming and Dr. Rho and his staff addressed my fears & even had some laughs! I have returned to my love of needle crafting, playing and teaching the guitar and to my crazy schedule of driving a large school bus. Thanks to Dr. Rho, my hands are back to normal! I can't thank Dr. Rho enough for the professionalism him and his staff displayed and am grateful he was my surgeon. I will always remember.


Joseph Beilouny
Several years ago, along with a variety of scrapes and bruises, a motorcycle accident left me with two cracked ribs. As anyone who's suffered broken ribs can attest, it's quite a painful experience. A year after my ribs mended, I was still feeling some effects in other parts of my body, including my left wrist. I visited an orthopedist who informed me that I had done considerable damage to my wrist. My guess is that the pain from the rib injuries was such that any pain in my wrist seemed minimal. I was also informed that it had incorrectly healed itself and that the only way to alleviate the pain would be a total reconstruction of the wrist. I was also informed that it would be about 2 years of healing and therapy after the surgery for me to be close to normal again. Two other doctors confirmed the original diagnosis and prognosis. At 60 years old, two years of recovery seemed to be a long time at this stage of my life. It seemed as though I was destined to just live with the pain and limited strength and motion. A friend referred me to Dr. Rho. See More

With nothing to lose, I sought his opinion. I was elated to hear that he didn't believe total reconstruction was necessary and that he could perform a procedure that would alleviate my pain and restore my strength and flexibility within a few shorts months. Less than five months since my surgery, I am happy to say that I am almost 90%. I'm improving every day. Thank you, Dr. Rho. You've made me whole again.


Penny Schuster
I have been a patient of Dr. Garroway's for many years. A few years ago, I mentioned a problem with my thumb and he immediately recommended Dr. Rho. When I saw Dr. Rho he told me he could operate on my thumb on Thursday, I could use it on Friday and I'd be back to work on Monday, which is exactly what happened.

Several years later, when I realized I had carpal tunnel in my hand, I didn't hesitate to call Dr. Rho. I was a little concerned because I had heard carpal tunnel surgery can have a difficult recovery but once again, he told me, surgery Thursday, use it Friday and back to work on Monday which is exactly what happened. It is now six weeks later and I couldn't be happier. The doctors and staff at Orlin & Cohen are caring and capable and I am happy to recommend them to all I meet.


Simone Williamson
I started having pain and numbness in my hands and wrists shortly after the birth of my first child. As time passed, I started experiencing additional pain in my left thumb. I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Disease and DeQuervain's Syndrome. I tried braces, rest and therapy with little results over the years. I was still left with pain during most activities, persistent numbness causing many a sleepless night, and severe stiffness every morning.

I first met with Dr. Rho a few years ago, and although I know my situation was in no way unique to him, he patiently listened to the details of what I was experiencing. He explained the options I could take advantage of to possibly relieve my symptoms. He administered injections for my thumb with good but temporary results. Although surgery was an option discussed, I was nervous, but Dr. Rho put me at ease, walking me through the procedure and the potential outcome. See More

On April 4,2013, Dr. Rho performed my surgery to correct the Carpal Tunnel and DeQuervain's in my left hand. The procedure went smoothly. I no longer have pain, numbness and stiffness in that hand. I am actually able to sleep through the night, which is amazing. I am so pleased with and thankful for Dr. Rho's expertise, professionalism and patience.


Alpesh Shah, M.D.

Allen Levy
I chose Orlin & Cohen because Dr. Shah did a rotator cuff surgery on my wife, and she loved him, and he did a fantastic job for her. My daughter has also used Dr. Shah and she loved him. They both told me I couldn't use anyone else by Dr. Shah. I also had rotator cuff surgery. I was in a great deal of pain and Dr. Shah did a wonderful job. I own a moving company and was afraid I would not be able to do my job ever again. I can now move furniture again and I have no more pain. See More

I have always been terrified of doctors but Dr. Shah was so reassuring, comforting and encouraging. He explained everything he was going to do. The staff was wonderful. They were very accommodating to my schedule and always worked with me to make it convenient to see the doctor.

All in all, I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Shah, professionally or personally. I will recommend him (and already have) to anyone who needs an orthopedist. This is one doctor I will never be afraid to go to. I have thanked my wife and daughter a hundred times for making me go to him.


Joseph Manzari
I have been a patient of Dr. Alpesh Shah since May 2012 as I had to have rotator cuff surgery. There were two tears in my shoulder. He, along with the nurses, have been fantastic to deal with from the beginning. I had my surgery on July 2012 and Dr. Shah was very encouraging regarding the progress of my recovery. He cared very much about how I was doing throughout the entire time and reiterated time and again, if there was anything I needed to see him right away. I am now finished with all my follow-up visits, and my shoulder is feeling great thanks to the actions of Dr. Shah. I would absolutely recommend the practice of Orlin & Cohen to family and friends.


Lois Rest
If all Doctors we needed were like Dr. Shah we would all be very lucky as it would make all problems much easier.


Nikiyah Blackman
My treating doctor at Orlin & Cohen was Dr. Shah. My first meeting with Dr. Shah I realized he was different. Dr. Shah actually cared and wanted the best for his patient. His bedside manner is impeccable. I personally did not need a second opinion as I trusted Dr. Shah. I had to have two surgeries, one on my left shoulder for a torn rotator cuff and the other on my right knee for a torn meniscus.

The treatment I received the day of the surgery relaxed me instead of making me nervous. I was greeted by Dr. Shah, asked if I was okay and given a brief overview of what he would be doing. I had total faith. The staff that worked with him all reflected his personality, kind and caring. See More

I cannot relay in words how overwhelmed I was by the care that I received from Dr. Shah. My shoulder is now pain free and so is my knee. I was amazed by all the new technology he used. I was so happy that he is the only doctor I refer when people ask if I know a great doctor. Dr. Shah is beyond great, he is kind, brilliant and the best surgeon I am fortunate to know.


Jonathan B. Ticker, M.D.
Shoulder Specialist

Claire Fleece
I am writing to reiterate how impressed I was by the professionalism and efficiency of Dr. Ticker and the Orlin & Cohen office. From the time of checking in till checkout everyone was very clear about what the process was. I had minimal wait time. Dr. Ticker was very friendly and explained my injury in detail while going over my MRl's with me. It is clear he is an expert in his field and I did not feel like he was rushing me at any time. Thank you for an excellent experience and I would recommend Dr. Ticker and his team whole heartedly.


John Allan
I suffered a right shoulder injury in November of 2011. I met with Dr. Ticker in December 2011 and was diagnosed with 3 separate tears. A prescribed session(s) of physical therapy was completed and then a steroid injection. Neither worked. As a last resort, Dr. Ticker recommended surgery. I had the surgery on February 23, 2012. Dr. Ticker was able to perform the surgery through arthroscopic procedure. I began physical therapy in March of 2012 and was released from therapy and back to normal activities in October of 2012. As of writing this testimonial I can say I am as close to 100% of my pre-injury abilities as is possible. See More

I believe this is due to the excellent diagnosis, surgery and physical therapy protocol of Dr. Ticker. Dr. Ticker did not rush to surgery and I believe the pre surgery therapy helped to strengthen my shoulder for the upcoming surgery and therapy to follow. I have the utmost confidence in giving this endorsement to Dr. Ticker should anyone need his services for shoulder surgery. He is an excellent surgeon and also has excellent doctor patient relationship skills. While therapy is hard, and it should be, I owe everything to Dr. Ticker and his ability to repair my shoulder and have the proper physical therapy in place for my recovery.


John Chancellor
I was suffering from impingement syndrome in both shoulders at the age of 55. I could no longer perform daily activities at home or any sporting activity without considerable pain. After speaking about my condition to family and friends, both recommended that I have a consultation with Orlin & Cohen, specifically Dr. Jonathan Ticker. Several friends and a relative had surgical procedures performed by Dr. Ticker and were extremely satisfied. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I went to see Dr. Ticker. Immediately my first impression was how concerned Dr. Ticker and his staff were about my condition. See More

He told me that he would like to try different approaches before surgery. We tried medication and therapy with little success, but I appreciated the fact that he wanted to try different solutions before any surgical procedure. Eventually we agreed on surgery on my right shoulder in 2011 to alleviate the impingement, bone spurs and a re-section of the clavicle.

I was so impressed by everyone involved in the procedure and the eventual results I didn't hesitate to do the same procedure on my left shoulder in 2012. And again, amazing results. I am pain free when I swim, play golf, or just doing things around the house. None of these activities were possible without pain before I met with Dr. Ticker and had the surgery. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Jonathan Ticker and staff. I consider him a brilliant surgeon and an even better person if that's possible. I would not hesitate to recommend him and Orlin & Cohen. As a matter of fact I already have.


Ken Hehir
Dr. Ticker performed my shoulder surgery re-attaching and repairing torn tendons in both my rotator cuff and biceps. As a fitness enthusiast and active person it was important that I regain all of my shoulder function. I can say without hesitation that my experience with Dr. Ticker could not have been better. My friends are amazed at my recovery and that I am back working out, biking, golfing and chopping wood. It is only a matter of time until I am back to 100% strength. If my children or friends needed shoulder surgery, I would insist that they see Dr. Ticker.


Maria Rotta
Dr. Ticker has greatly improved the quality of my life as a result of the surgery he performed on my right shoulder. He was the consummate professional and very understanding of my case. For two years I had lived in constant pain and discomfort as a result of an earlier surgery performed by another surgeon. Also, I had been told that due to my age there was no possibility of ever improving the function of my right arm. See More

My husband was one of Dr. Ticker's patients whose right shoulder he also operated on last December. He recuperated very quickly and was able to resume his activities within one month. I was very pleased with his ability to regain full recovery. He encouraged me to visit Dr. Ticker's office for a consultation and I'm glad I did.

I am very happy and satisfied with the results of the surgery and the pre and post-operative care. I appreciate the time Dr. Ticker took to dispense with very compelling and poignant advice. Dr. Ticker, I cannot thank you and your staff enough. Every time I try to do a simple task, like carrying my bag on my right shoulder, I smile. I feel like I am myself again.


Mike Gangemi
I am very fortunate to have found Dr. Ticker who performed my shoulder surgery. Prior to finding Dr. Jonathan Ticker, I had a consultation with another doctor who wanted to do a very invasive procedure to correct my problem and I was very skeptical. I was referred to Dr. Ticker by two collegues I work with and they both had successful shoulder surgeries. He was able to perform my surgery arthroscopically with excellent results and a minimal recovery period. I would highly recommend Dr. Ticker to anyone with a shoulder problem or considering shoulder surgery.


Rob. S
I was referred to Dr. Jonathan Ticker by a friend who was treated for a shoulder impingement and pleased with his results. My injuries were more substantial. I was seen several times by Dr. Ticker for torn rotator, torn labrum and subacromial decompression to the right shoulder. The only way to repair the damage was surgery. I was very impressed with the doctor's bedside manner, his experience with prior surgeries and his detailed and extensive explanations of the procedures involved. See More

In addition, he insisted that my wife meet with him as part of the decision making process and to familiarize her with my aftercare. The surgery was successful and after extensive physical therapy I was back weightlifting after 6 months and pain free! One year later I was back to my original training regimen with no limitations.

Eight years later, I was in a similar situation with my left shoulder. Again I had the same injuries and it was a "no brainer" for me to have Dr. Ticker perform the surgery. The second time around, the surgery was even better having refined his technique, my post op recovery at the hospital was more comfortable, the surgical scars were less visible and the entire rehabilitation and follow up by Dr. Ticker were a pleasure. Again, after 6 months, I was back in the gym and as of this testimonial (1 year later) I am on my way back to a "full" recovery! I have referred several colleagues and friends for their various shoulder injuries and all were pleased with their experience.


Saul Brodsky
In January 2013, I began to experience constant pain in my right shoulder. After visiting my internist and having x-rays taken a preliminary diagnosis of bursitis was made. While two prednisone treatments alleviated the pain, when it recurred we both realized that a second opinion was needed. During my first meeting with Dr. Ticker he recommended further testing which revealed a partially torn labrum, bursitis, tendinitis, an arthritic cyst and an impingement. The good news was that it was treatable without invasive surgery. After several weeks of physical therapy and a proprietary injection, the pain had dissipated considerably to the extent that I've been able to resume many activities (golf and boating) that I thought were lost. See More

The office is 21st century modern, the staff is efficient and Dr. Ticker is extremely thorough during the contact time that is spent with his patients. He has a very easy demeanor and his questioning effectively works to isolate both the pain level and the precise location(s) of the affected areas. It's always a relief to learn what's wrong and to get the sense that you're in very capable hands.


Scott Wissemann
On February 22, 2012 I saw Dr. Jonathan Ticker regarding pain in my left shoulder. I am a 51 year old owner/operator of a small marina on the south shore and my job is physically demanding. I have had the pain for approximately a year, but with the constant lifting of cinderblocks and debris following super storm Sandy, the pain had increased considerably. Dr. Ticker had performed surgery on my right shoulder approximately 3 years ago and I was confident in his abilities. See More

After the consultation, Dr. Ticker recommended surgery and was considerate of my need to be able to work within a month. The arrangements were made and the surgery was scheduled for March 5th. Everyone in the office was extremely helpful in processing the paperwork and assisting me in making the necessary appointments.

The surgery was performed Tuesday March 5th as planned and I was at work with a sling on Thursday, March 7th. I was able to work on a limited basis without a sling the following 2 days. A mere 9 days after surgery, I swam 2500 yards as part of my normal exercise routine. My physical therapist was thrilled with Dr. Ticker's recommendation to get my arm in motion as soon as possible, and feels that my rehabilitation is going well because of that fact.

Two weeks after surgery I am pain-free and thrilled to be enjoying the use of my arm again. I am back to swimming 3 days per week and working full time, thanks to the skills of Dr. Ticker.


David I. Zaret, M.D.

Patti Nardelli
My daughter was referred to Dr. Zaret because of ankle pain related to a previous fracture. At our first appointment, Dr. Zaret suggested more physical therapy, a cortisone shot, and lastly ankle arthroscopy. At this point I was very happy that Dr. Zaret gave my daughter other options than surgery. After extensive physical therapy and then the cortisone shot, my daughter did require the ankle surgery. He explained each step of the procedure and how she would feel afterwards. By this point, I was very confident with Dr. Zaret's knowledge of ligament and ankle injuries and how to best treat them. See More

Due to other medical conditions, my daughter sees a variety of other doctors that for whatever reason she does not care for, which makes getting to the appointments difficult. That said, she liked Dr. Zaret from the start. His sense of humor, willingness to take the time to answer all of our questions, and include her in the discussions of her treatment, made her feel comfortable. As a parent, I appreciated his patience and the kindness he showed towards my daughter. Her surgery went exactly as expected. Aside from his expertise in ankle problems, I was extremely impressed that on a few occasions when I called Dr. Zaret's office with a concern he personally called me back! That is almost unheard of in medicine today. Gabrielle is now enjoying all the activities of summer and back to cheerleading, pain free! When I told my daughter, I was going to write this letter, her remark was, "Dr. Zaret is great!"