Experience and subspecialization matter, especially when it comes to your health.

Orlin & Cohen has Long Island’s largest, most experienced team of orthopedic subspecialists, available seven days a week. Our doctors have years of extra fellowship training in the nation’s top programs, which gives them specialized expertise, experience and access to the latest techniques so our patients experience better outcomes.

Our fellowship-trained subspecialists are available through a network of locations across Long Island—that also offers in-house diagnostic testing, physical therapy, and pain management—so accessing their expertise as part of your coordinated care plan is easy and convenient. In fact, immediate appointments are available.

How we helped our patients feel better.

  • Lori Parrella
    "I love Dr. Tarleton!! He did my back surgery 3/18/2018 and has been following me ever since .  He has ...

    Lori Parrella


    Follow up examine

    Performed By

    Andrew A. Tarleton, M.D.

  • Nancy Hilsenbeck
    "I was referred to Dr. Price in February of 2020 after an MRI revealed the dreaded full ACL tear that ...

    Nancy Hilsenbeck


    ACL Surgery

    Performed By

    Eric Price, M.D.

  • Rob. S
    "I was referred to Dr. Jonathan Ticker by a friend who was treated for a shoulder impingement and pleased ...

    Rob. S


    Shoulder Surgery

    Performed By

    Jonathan B. Ticker, M.D.

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