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MRI, CT, X-ray & Ultrasound


At Orlin & Cohen, diagnostic imaging is part of your comprehensive orthopedic care. Whether you need an MRI, CT scan, X-ray or Ultrasound, you can get the test you need when you need it. No hassles, no headaches, no waiting weeks for an appointment. Your results are available when your doctor needs them, so you can begin your treatment as soon as possible.

If one of our subspecialists determines that diagnostic testing is necessary, our knowledgeable office staff can take care of the rest: From scheduling your appointment to obtaining authorization from your insurance company.

Orthopedic MRI

Clearly superior to many other techniques, MRI has proven invaluable for diagnosing many joint, spine, neck and musculoskeletal disorders, enabling doctors to see some body structures that may not be visible by other methods. Orlin & Cohen has American College of Radiology-accredited MRI imaging facilities with the latest technology, including open MRI and seated extremity MRI. Images are immediately available to your physician in digital form.

Beyond image quality, the key to the value of MRI testing is the interpretation or reading of the MRI scans. The Orlin & Cohen radiology team is led by Steven Sharon, MD, one of the very few fellowship-trained radiologists in the musculoskeletal specialty in the metropolitan area. He and his colleagues work with our orthopedic specialists to help speed the diagnosis of patients with injuries or pain in their knees, shoulders, hip, ankle, elbow or wrist so treatment—and healing—can begin faster.


Orlin & Cohen has state-of-the-art CT scanner technology to provide a more detailed image of your bones, blood vessels and soft tissue than an X-ray alone. A CT scan enables the specialists at Orlin & Cohen to study the inner workings of your body to help speed diagnosis, assist with procedures or surgery, or confirm the success of a recent procedure or surgery. CT scans are painless, and with the newer machines, the scans only take 20 minutes.


Every office within the Orlin & Cohen network has state-of-the-art X-ray technology on site, so you (and your doctor) can get the test you need, when you need it—during your initial appointment, if necessary—with results immediately available for your doctors’ use. Should you require a portable copy of these images, they can be provided on film, plain paper or CD format.


At Orlin & Cohen, we use our in-house ultrasound technology to obtain images of soft tissues (ligaments, tendons, muscles and bursae), permanently record the images and analyze the results. We also use ultrasound for needle guidance, making injections into joints and other areas for pain management more accurate and successful, even in the most difficult areas.


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