After-Hours Locations

How we helped our patients feel better.

  • Martin Turkowitz

    "My shoulder was injured due to a fall on the ice 18 months ago. I tore my rotator cuff and it was irreparably ...

    Martin Turkowitz


    Physical Therapy

    Performed By

  • Arlene Lynn

    "Dr. Fisch is very nice. After conferring with him, exam and X-ray, I followed up with physical therapy ...

    Arlene Lynn


    Consultation and X-ray of Knee

    Performed By

    Robert Fisch, M.D.

  • Vincent S

    "Had very limited motion with pain to my neck area due to lifelong physical work and activities. Being ...

    Vincent S


    Neck Physical Therapy

    Performed By

    Robert J. Lippe, M.D.

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