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Sports Medicine

Want to Get Back in the Game?

Get to know the sports medicine subspecialists at Orlin & Cohen. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained team provides the latest in state-of-the-art treatment of sports injuries that cause shoulder pain, including torn rotator cuff and dislocated shoulder repair, and knee pain, such as an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture or tear or a meniscus tear.

In-house diagnostic testing helps determine the cause of your pain. Most injuries respond well to physical therapy and pain management; however, sometimes surgery is the best treatment. At Orlin & Cohen, our fellowship-trained subspecialists typically use an all-arthroscopic approach to surgery so patients have better outcomes, faster. In some cases, knee pain may be treated using MACI knee cartilage transplantation.

Most Comprehensive Program for High School Athletes

Orlin & Cohen also offers a specialized sports medicine program exclusively for high school athletes. Available throughout Nassau and Suffolk, this program leverages all the resources that make us Long Island’s premier private orthopedic practice: Our fellowship-trained sports medicine subspecialists work together with our in-house diagnostic team and technology, as well as experienced physical therapists to develop and implement a treatment plan that provides your athlete with a faster, safer return to play.

Ready to get back in the game right now? Immediate appointments are available throughout our network.

Sports Injuries FAQs

What is the most common sports injury?

The most common types of sports injuries are strains and sprains. While they sound similar, they’re different. A strain is a muscle injury that happens when you stretch or tear a muscle by overextending it. A sprain is a stretch or tear of a ligament near a joint, like an ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder, or wrist.

What are the causes of sports injuries?

Sports injuries can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common causes of sports injuries are misuse (caused by improper form), overuse (using a body part repeatedly without adequate rest), and direct impact (a contact injury like a fall or a hit).

How do I deal with sports injuries?

While some injuries are unavoidable, most are preventable. Proper technique, stretching, and strength and endurance training are key to preventing sports injuries. Learn more about how you can reduce the risk of sports injuries. If you are injured, never play through pain—this could do more damage. Instead, seek care from an orthopedic specialist like Orlin & Cohen: Request an appointment.

How do I recover from a sports injury?

Early intervention and treatment are the best way to recover from an injury quickly. The RICE method—rest, ice, compression and elevation—is an effective treatment technique for muscle strains and ligament/joint sprains. For injuries like fractures and chronic pain, a doctor might suggest physical therapy, pain management, and, if necessary, surgery.

How many sports injuries occur each year?

According to the National Safety Council, millions of sports-related injuries occur each year.

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