Introducing Advanced Radiology with Simulate CT

September 14, 2023

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Simulate CT™ is a breakthrough innovation that allows for a seated weight-bearing CT scan, and Orlin & Cohen is one of the few practices on Long Island that has it. We’ll explain what it is, what it’s used to treat, and its benefits. Read on to learn how this sitting CT scan is transforming advanced radiological imaging.

What is Advanced Radiological Imaging with Simulate CT?

Simulate CT is the only option for a seated, weight-bearing CT (WBCT) scan. This advanced system enables you to have CT scans in seated, load-bearing positions, providing your specialist with detailed images of the musculoskeletal system in real-life scenarios and how bones, joints, and soft tissue respond to the pressure of body weight.

What Is Weight-Bearing Advanced Imaging Used to Treat?

Weight-bearing CT scans like Simulate CT aid in treating knee, hip, foot, and ankle conditions. While it is possible to have a seated scan for other needs, weight-bearing images are particularly effective in assessing the lower extremities, as they provide more accurate information about bone and joint alignment, instability, and other issues not always visible in a traditional CT scan, X-ray, or MRI.

Your orthopedist may recommend a weight-bearing CT scan to:

  • Diagnose chronic or unresolved pain
  • Top of FormEvaluate conditions like flat foot and other deformities that can affect walking
  • Monitor a treatment’s progress
  • Plan for joint replacement surgery or realignment procedures

The Benefits of Simulate CT

Provides a faster, more accurate diagnosis

Simulate CT’s weight-bearing scan captures a three-dimensional image with greater detail and higher spatial resolution. This advanced imaging technique gives your specialist a more precise understanding of your condition, allowing them to make an accurate diagnosis faster.

Contributes to more effective treatment plans

With a more precise understanding of your orthopedic condition, your specialist can better create a personalized treatment plan. They’ll be able to determine if minimally invasive treatments like physical therapy and pain management will be effective or if a surgical procedure, like a joint replacement, should be considered.

Allows patients to sit during their scan

Getting a CT scan while sitting up provides greater comfort and stability compared to a traditional CT scan, where patients lie down on a table. This seated position is especially helpful for seniors,  individuals with larger builds, those with balance issues, and others who may have trouble getting up from lying down.

Simulate CT can also relieve feelings of claustrophobia, and with most scans, your upper body and head usually remain outside the machine.

Adjusts for improved patient comfort

With its adjustable foot pedal and seated platform, Simulate CT accommodates patients of all sizes. Your radiologist will set up the machine to comfortably seat you and adjust the pedal to your height, allowing for even weight distribution. Not only does this customization guarantee you’re positioned for the scan with the greatest comfort, but it also ensures the best possible images.

What to Expect During Your Simulate CT Scan

Like a traditional CT scan, the Simulate CT involves minimal prep and, in most cases, doesn’t require fasting. To prepare for any CT scan, including a weight-bearing scan like Simulate CT, you should:

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing
  • Remove metal objects like jewelry, hair pins and clips, eyeglasses, and hearing aids

While CT scans don’t rely on magnets like MRIs, these items and other accessories can affect image quality and should be removed whenever possible. You should remain still during your scan to ensure the clearest images possible.

Most orthopedic CT scans last around 10 minutes. In cases of surgical planning, such as hip or knee replacements, scans may take 15 to 20 minutes. After the scan, you may resume your routine unless your physician advises otherwise.

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Seated, Weight-bearing CT Scans Near You

Orlin & Cohen offers seated, weight-bearing CT scans at our Garden City location. As the region’s premier orthopedic group, we’re proud to be one of the only practices on Long Island cutting-edge technology as part of our in-house diagnostic imaging.

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