Orthopedic MRIs at Orlin & Cohen are just better: Here’s why

April 10, 2019

While X-rays show doctors bones and joints, MRIs show them everything. But not all MRIs – or the centers that perform them – are created equal. Here is why you should choose Orlin & Cohen for an MRI.

  1. Our team is led by the region’s best orthopedic MRI subspecialist. Orlin & Cohen’s Steven Sharon, M.D., is fellowship-trained, has over 15 years of experience and has read over 300,000 orthopedic MRIs.
  2. Next-level orthopedic expertise. Unlike general radiologists, Dr. Sharon and his team are subspecialists, which means they concentrate exclusively on orthopedic MRIs.
  3. Collaborative team approach. Dr. Sharon and his team work closely with your orthopedist to ensure you receive the best care.
  4. We know your orthopedic story. Your medical history is vital to a successful MRI: Your Orlin & Cohen electronic health records are at our fingertips when necessary.
  5. Comfort is priority one. Our state-of-the-art technology reduces scan times and covers as little of your body as possible to minimize that claustrophobic feeling.
  6.  Here, one size doesn’t fit all. Dr. Sharon and his team have perfected the art of MRI sequences so you can be confident your Orlin & Cohen doctor receives the necessary information.

Orlin & Cohen is Long Island’s leading private orthopedic practice and the first to offer in-house orthopedic MRIs by a fellowship-trained subspecialist. Following your scan, images will be immediately available to your physician in digital form. Immediate appointments are available: Schedule yours now.