This has been quite a medical journey over the past few years, but even more these past few months. Unfortunately my cervical spine surgery of May 2021 for multiple levels did not fuse and I needed to go back into surgery in April 2023. Last surgery was an ACDF and recently had a posterior CDF after a shoulder/bicep surgery in Feb 2023. I began my “new” physical therapy sessions for both my cervical spine and for my shoulder and am under the care of Tatiana Malkina, who is miraculously helping me to feel better and heal. It has only been 2 sessions together but I am confident that Tatiana is the right therapist to help me recover with ease. Her TLC, knowledge of anatomy and magic touch has given me more mobility and flexibility than I have had. Tatiana has an infectious personality and warm bedside manner, which makes her an incredible person. The time she spends with me has allowed me to feel better and increase my understanding of how my body functions and responds as I do the exercises. I am blessed and lucky that Tatiana is my therapist because I now feel like the road to recovery is becoming REAL!! Thank you, Tatiana!!!