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Andrew Kearney


Surgery for Torn Labrum

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Lewis Lupowitz, DPT, CSCS, FRCmS

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In January earlier this year I dislocated my shoulder in a hockey game. I ended up getting hospitalized and needing surgery. When I first started PT I could barley move my arm and I was in an arm sling. Since the beginning Lewis was very helpful. He gave me a good exercise program, and he was very friendly. He would always ask me about my outside life. While I was a patient I really enjoyed coming to PT and was always excited to come. All the staff was soo friendly. I really enjoyed talking to Mike, Julie, Landon, and many more. They were super helpful and supportive in my journey. They also cared about my general well-being. After a couple of months, I got my mobility and strength back in my shoulder. When I first started out it was hard to imagine that I would get anywhere close to where I was before. Now I am able to go back to my regular physical activities, with no problem. My overall experience at Orlin and Cohen, will be a remarkable one. I will always look back on the progress I made. Working with Lewis, Julie, Mike, and Landon was a pleasure. They helped me get to where I am today and they were all genuinely great people to talk to. For future patients, know that you will be getting the best care from personable professionals.