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Anthony Baty


Capsular Release

Performed By

Jonathan B. Ticker, M.D.

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Bryan Baracaldo, PT, DPT

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After my car accident I did not know if I would ever be able to return to a semi normal life. I was in pain every day, had trouble sleeping, my career was in jeopardy and could no longer enjoy my hobbies. After seeing multiple doctors and PTs I turned to Orlin & Cohen and met with Dr. Ticker who was able to identify the issue right away, even attempted to remediate the issue before turning to surgery. I am currently 5 months post surgery and have returned back to 99%. Continuing an at home PT after being treated by Physical Therapist Bryan Baracaldo I am hopeful that I will regain my last 1% shortly and be able to continue with the rest of my life as normal. I am very happy with the treatment and facilities of Orlin & Cohen and would recommend them to anyone in the future.