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Ashley Keon


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For many years I have had knee pain, the pain would come and go and varied in intensity. Until one day when it was so excruciating I could not walk. When the doctor referred me for PT, I was skeptical because I have gone through this process for the same knee pain in the past (different practice). When I started with Henryk and Rob together they gave me a wide range of exercises to help strengthen the muscles in my leg. The 2 of them were always very attentive and payed close attention to every exercise I did to make sure it was being done properly. While my pain has not fully gone away, with the help of taping my knee I am able to walk with less pain than when I started. Both Rob and Henryk were incredible in helping me to get to the point I am at. Needless to say both of them, and the whole staff, have great personalities that are very inviting.