I had been unaware that I needed a hip replacement until a year ago. I had been having trouble lifting my leg to get on a bicycle or sit in meditation but did not feel any pain in my hip. Over the next couple of months I became unable to walk long distances without feeling pain later in the day. I finally had a consultation with Dr. Neil Smith, who referred me to Dr. Gerber. He performed the surgery on August 7, 2023. The operation went flawlessly; I returned home the next day and began having physical therapy. Except for some difficult nights being unable to change position in bed, I did not have a lot of pain. Over the next few weeks I was able to regain a lot of mobility, and after two months I went back to my daily morning swim. It has now been three months and I continue to gain more flexibility. I am grateful to Dr. Gerber for his expertise and his wonderful bedside manner.