I’ve had bone on bone for many years on my right hip but wasn’t ready to have my hip replaced until I was ready. After driving home to Long Island from North Carolina last September, it was finally time. I made a consultation visit with the surgeon who my brother had recommended because he did the anterior hip surgery. I had the surgery done on March 10,2023 and I went home the same day and walked up my stairs to my bedroom. I used a walker for a week and then a cane for a week. I had in home PT for 2 weeks and then outpatient Physical Therapy for 8 weeks. I had a great experience and I’m able to function greatly with my new hip. I can do all the little things that you take for granted and I no longer have any pain. Dr. Fracchia and the team did an excellent job and I’m thankful that there are people who become doctors that want to help people be able to live without pain and they are use their skills and expertise to do it. I also got a lot of help from my physical therapist, Alex at Deer Park Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. Also, I want to give a big thanks to all of the nurses and staff at Mather Hospital. They made it very easy for me.