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Chris O’Mara


Hip/Groin physical therapy

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Michael Perrone, PT, DPT, FRCms

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I came into physical therapy not even sure what was wrong with my hip and a little hope to play in my next collegiate season. I started working with Michale right away and at first it was pretty rough. I didn’t have much range of motion or strength at all in that area, I worked with him my entire winter break home from school. In that time we got about eight or 10 sessions done. I am now three weeks into my season and my hip feels better than it has in the past two years and I’m filled with excitement and joy to be able to play this upcoming season. It Michael was a great guy sociable and helpful and I’m really thankful for everything that he did for me. If you have the opportunity get a session done by Michale he’s funny and he’ll help you out if somethings bothering you.