I injured my shoulder in May of last year and did not see a doctor until August because I played Golf for 2+ months (not very smart). I called Orlin and Cohen and wanted to see Dr. Schrank who I and my son had seen in the past and was told he retired so I asked for a recommendation, and they gave me an appointment with Dr. Mallo. Dr. Mallo is very reassuring and confident, and I could not be happier with my decision to see him. From just examining me he told me that I had a full thickness tear of my left rotator cuff and sent me for an MRI to confirm. When the results came back, Dr. Mallo told me "You have a massive tear". He informed me it could be repaired with surgery, so I agreed to it and had the surgery on October 12. It was a two-hour surgery and was successful. Now came the hard part, sleeping in a recliner with the sling on and getting if I was lucky 3-4 hours of sleep a night for six weeks until I was able to begin Physical Therapy. I began PT on November 22 and was seen by Eileen Duswalt-Agostino. Eileen was very polite and kind and reassured me that her and her staff would get me back on the Golf Course. She gave me some exercises to begin that were very challenging but explained that they needed to be to help the healing process. She demonstrated and explained the proper way to do each one so I would not myself. I was also seen by Rich Viskewich, and the vast majority of my PT sessions have been with Rich. He would also take the time with me to demonstrate and explain each and every exercise he had me do. I cannot say enough about both Eileen and Rich they are both exceptional therapists and wonderful people as well. I would be remiss not to mention the aids Sean, Sam, Pat and John who kept me on track and made sure I was doing all of my exercises and doing them correctly (22 each time!). I saw Dr. Mallo yesterday, March 20 and after four months of PT going 3 times a week, he cleared me to start swinging the clubs! all because of Eileen, Rich and the staff in the PT department. I have heard some people say that PT makes them worse than before, but I have to disagree it is really up to the individual to be diligent with going and doing exercises at home. I highly recommend Orlin and Cohen, great doctors and great staff.