Good Morning Dr. Krochak, I’ve been pondering the words, the feelings, and the emotions, of how to describe and ‘honor’ you….. Yes- here we go again- Nick has ANOTHER injury- but that is not where my overwhelming emotions stem from. It is how you make my son and myself feel safe, secure, and protected with your knowledge, your compassion, and your work ethic on and off the field. In such professions such as the medical field or even the field in education that I can speak on behalf of- they don’t make or cultivate humans with your level of compassionate superiority anymore. It is a rare gift and blessing- perhaps a “once in a lifetime” experience that a person - a DOCTOR- like YOU steps into the medical field and drives his power with “HEART” and not let the “paperwork” or “administration” of the profession consume their level of protective care. I know the feeling first hand myself. I have to share with you- that not only have you taken care of nick and myself as his mom- on a medical level- but you have modeled- for him-an example of passion, care, patient-doctor connectedness, and a sincere demonstration of warmth, kindness, and the act of giving to comfort him and make him feel that the structure of his body is not a failure but only a restructuring of rebuilding it… again. Nick and my younger son are learning and observing through your influence, your heart, and your expertise, how to give their hearts and not let an injury deflate and consume them… and that’s all because of YOU. You have no idea how much respect, trust, and love we have for you as our medical doctor and person that we look up to. Please know that your “human presence” is more than just medical advice that is sought after … you have evolved and become a role model for my boys to cultivate their character and their future! A mere “thank you” is an understatement when you have unknowingly shown and given more than just a piece of your medical knowledge. Dr. Krochak, you are an integral part of my boys’ lives and I know- for sure- Nicholas is overwhelmed with appreciation and thanks that he won’t “show” in the office or on the field. LOL With much respect and admiration, Dina Dibacco