I’m 68 and have always tried to be active, mostly skiing, cycling and hiking. For decades my knees always hurt and I just got use to them. In March of 2022 my right knee was not dependable skiing, sporadically a shooting pain would occur during a turn or a jump landing. I became tentative and that was unacceptable to me. I met with Doctor Brian McGinley and decided that a full knee replacement was required. It was done as an outpatient!!!! And as promised I was able to use a walker and go home hours after the surgery. The pain was manageable, I stuck with PT 3 times a week for 2.5 hours a session and the results are extraordinary, 2 months after the surgery I was playing golf, hiking, rowing and riding my bike again. I should have gotten my knee done years ago, I accommodated the failed knee for so long that it changed the way I walked and resulted in a slouch that made me appear nearly 2 inches shorter and impacted my hip alignment. I have received questions from friends asking how is it at my age that I grew. Thank you Dr McGinley and the entire staff.