Almost six years ago, I had to retire from work because of all the pain I started to have. I could not walk, sleep, or live without pain throughout my entire body. After suffering for a few years, I went to Orlin & Cohen and saw Dr. Orlin because I knew pain like that had to radiate down from the back. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Not wanting to undergo back surgery as suggested, Dr. Orlin made an appointment with Dr. Yadegar in pain management to see if I could be helped. I've been Dr. Yadegar's patient for almost three years and he is an amazing doctor and person. He is caring, dedicated, and most important does not give up trying to ease the pain of his patients.

I am still handicapped but live with much less pain. I thank Dr. Orlin every day for sending me to Dr. Yadegar. The staff and nurses at pain management are the best you can find anywhere. They run an efficient office and the nurses are so very caring. I am grateful to have found the pain management office and especially Dr. Yadegar.