I have been dealing for years with a condition known as Dupuytren's Contracture and finally decided to have it looked at. My lucky day came when I found Dr. Bennett Brown in my healthcare provider book. My condition made it increasingly difficult for me to perform even simple tasks and chores. Dr. Brown was completely familiar with this condition and I had the surgery done in the facility in Lynbrook.

I have to say, I am totally satisfied and both of my hands have returned to full function. Looking at the surgical sites now, you would never know I even had surgery. They are healed and look like they did before I developed the condition and I don't feel bad about how my hands look now.

The office staff was very professional and pleasant. Everyone from the reception area to the surgical staff was nice, and I mean NICE, and I was not nervous at all. Dr. Brown, in my opinion, is a very special surgeon. He knows his work and does it well. I am very happy with the whole experience and recommend Dr. Brown to anyone considering hand surgery. Thank you, Dr. Brown.