It is a great pleasure to share with you my story of why I chose Dr. Gregory Lieberman as my doctor. I will begin with his staff: You walk into the waiting room to an attentive, always willing to help staff. Then you are escorted by another caring staff member to your private exam room.

I needed attention given to my knee due to a fall. Dr. Lieberman did an X-ray and suggested PT. He did not run me into the surgery room. After months and many ideas, I finally had a total knee replacement. Thanks to Dr. Lieberman my surgery was a complete success.

You see he is an excellent listener, always putting his patients' well-being first and this is why I have such respect for him. When you go for post-surgery follow-ups or any other visits he cares.

I believe when you go to a doctor, you have to listen to directions. I wanted to walk and I did exactly what he said. That is why we worked so well together. I have total confidence in him and I feel comfortable in his presence. To me, this is also very important in order to get well.

I have recommended many people to Dr. Lieberman over the past few years and all are as delighted as I am. Thank you, Dr. Lieberman for all you have done for me. As I say all the time, God bless your hands and heart.