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Physical Therapy

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Bobby Nabeyama, PT, DPT, MS

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When I began coming to Orlin and Cohen, I had pain in my right calf which radiated down my right leg. I began seeing Bobby Nabeyama. Bobby was kind, patient and very knowledgeable regarding my care. He gave me exercises to do by modeling first so I knew how to proceed. He made me work hard but not too hard, always challenging me with new things. He watched to make sure I was doing everything correctly. After working with Bobby once a week, I feel much better. I no longer have severe pain in my leg. Each time I come Bobby gives me new moves to challenge me and makes sure I don't become bored by doing the same things week after week. I look forward to coming, even though I am tired the next day. Bobby has been very professional, and as a matter of fact, other therapists come to him for advice on what to do with their patients. I am happy that I chose Orlin and Cohen, and I am happy that Bobby is my therapist.