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Jacqueline Dionne-Buonaiuto


Neck Physical Therapy

Performed By

Rasel M. Rana

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Marc Sheinblum, PT, DPT

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In the beginning of January my neck started really hurting me. After a few days the pain traveled down my left arm and was constant even at rest, my arm and hand were tingling and I had no strength in my left thumb. I'm left handed, so I couldn't write, I couldn't sit at my computer at work, I was uncomfortable all day in any position. The tingling was so bad throughout the night and I could not sleep. I went for an MRI and saw Dr. Rana. Basically C5-7 were herniated and I also have stenosis. He gave me a referral to PT and though I was doubtful, he was quite positive. He told me I had a pinched nerve and it was very possible PT could actually "fix" it, I couldn't believe how uncomfortable it was and remained doubtful. The PT office was directly downstairs from Dr. Rana (so convenient!) I walked in to book an appointment. Even though no one was expecting me, from the moment I walked in I was greeted with a smile. The receptionist was so nice. She explained how the process works, gave me some forms to take home and assisted me with booking my first 3 appointments. The hours were so accommodating. They have early morning, and late evening hours which is great for working patients. I found this to be unusual for any medical practice these days and I was grateful. On my first appointment, again, I was greeted with all smiles at reception and then I met Toni, one of the PT assistants. She was very welcoming and introduced me to Katie, one of the Physical Therapists. Katie met with me for awhile to listen to all of my symptoms, ask me some questions and do an overall evaluation to set up my PT plan. Then we got started. In all over 6 weeks, I met with Marc Sheinblum, A physical therapist and the manager of the group, Michael, Brian and a few other PT assistants. They were all upbeat, full of knowledge and seemed really concerned about my progress and getting me back to "my normal." I actually enjoyed going to PT. I could not be more pleased with my results: After 6 weeks of going 2-3 times per week, I am pleased to report that all of the numbness, tingling and weakness is gone--completely. My strength is back. I can pick things up without worrying about dropping them and my neck pain went from a 9/10 to a 1/10. I have full mobility in my neck and I feel great. I do my stretches at home and after telling the staff that I loved the neck traction machine, Marc took the time to research my insurance and explained the process I would need to do to get the machine at home. I was successful in getting one. I would not have known it was even possible to obtain this machine, what to order or how to get it without Marc's help. I can not rave enough about this entire group. I feel back to normal and I owe it all to them. They are all wonderful, extremely professional and very welcoming. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of PT.